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  1. skifree

    Do new fork seals 'stick'?

    If they are not binding, put some rain x on the seals.
  2. skifree

    4rt owners- gearing question

  3. skifree

    4rt owners- gearing question

    I use a 43t and the stock counter shaft sproket it seems to work well in all conditions. Also have tried a 44t better in the corners but not as good in the mud, maybe shifting up to second would have helped need to try it again.Stock 41t must be for experts.Also the 315 master cylinder works awsome it give a much better engagement.
  4. skifree

    Any trials competitions in western PA?

    Here is another one in Western NY,Niagara Trials Riders ntrtrials.com.
  5. skifree

    Back-up bike saves the day!

    So how warm is it?
  6. skifree

    Trials Seat.....

    Who in the hell sits down when they ride anyway.
  7. skifree

    Trials Seat.....

    If you must sit down, a crf 50 seat with velcro would work.
  8. skifree

    first lesson tomorrow

    If you buy one now you could go to the event at PRA in Palmyra Nov.2.
  9. skifree

    Buy Leftover 07 or New 08?

    Get the 07 and put a 08 cam in it.
  10. skifree

    Reliability YZ compare to CRF.

    Buy the red fred and get a spare head.
  11. skifree


    I think it says in the owners manual not to run ethanol.
  12. skifree

    The new GG 4Stroke

    It seems that biolubricants would be a simple solution. Biolubricants are used in hydraulics, the only drawback is that it cost about twice as much as petroleum base.
  13. skifree

    How hard is it to change a piston?

    It will not put less stress on the crank!
  14. skifree

    trials on a motocross track?

    A modern trials bike rips on the tight single track over roots, rocks and turns it's hard to beat. As far as the motocross track i don't jump with it , but I have passed 250cc bikes in turns and woops but was killed on the straights not much fun on the wide open race track. But a alot of fun in the single track and doing trials.