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  1. blue_chip68

    Is my pilot jet clogged?

    Just an update. Took the carb completely apart. Cleaned the heck out of the pilot jet, put the bike back together and it ran like a scalded dog! Thanks all for the input!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. blue_chip68

    Is my pilot jet clogged?

    Hey guys. The bike in question is mine. You can see through the pilot jet, but it almost looks like a kaleidoscope. It looks like a screen or something is in there. Also, I have heard that you should be able to stick a wire or something all the way through one end and have it come out the other. We can't do this. It only goes in part of the way and gets stuck. Hope this helps explain the issue and thanks for the help!!!!
  3. blue_chip68

    XRs Only tool bag sucks:/ Suggestions for alternative?

    Can one of you guys post a pic of that ballistic bag from Dan on your bike? Thanks in advance!!!!
  4. blue_chip68

    Lowering Link Which One?

    Yes...I slid them up so about an inch shows. SWEET!!!
  5. blue_chip68

    Best Rack for a XR650L

    Check ebay. I've found the best racks by far on there!
  6. blue_chip68

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Put a brand new Clarke 4.7 gallon tank on. Piece of cake and I love it!!!
  7. blue_chip68

    Long Range Tank

    Just put a clarke 4.7 gallon on my bike yesterday. Second one I have owned. GREAT tank and easy as heck to install.
  8. blue_chip68

    Lowering Link Which One?

    KOUBA LINK. Adjusting the forks and putting in the link lowered my bike several inches. I would highly recommend it. It's more than a 10 minute job though. Not hard, but takes a little time.
  9. blue_chip68

    Help. Cam is making noises

    Thanks for the response
  10. blue_chip68

    Help. Cam is making noises

    Just adjusted / reshimmed my valves. Now when the compression release "pin" in the cam hits the rocker arm it makes a loud click. Anyone know what this means?
  11. blue_chip68

    looking for best larger fuel tank and windshield

    Rack: Check ebay. I got a SWEET one off ebay. Has little rivets on the bottom to hook your straps to. Lowering Link: I just installed the Kouba link. PERFECT! Would highly recommend. Tank: Clarke 4.7 gallon. Easy to install and bulletproof.
  12. blue_chip68

    Which tyres question...

    Dunlop 606!!!!!!
  13. blue_chip68

    Bomb and Idiot proof dual sports

    Honda xr650l. I put that sucker through hell and back in Mexico's Copper Canyon and it never missed a beat. And oh yea, I'm under 6 feet tall.
  14. blue_chip68

    XR650L lowering...

    I am your EXACT height / weight (maybe 1/2" shorter) and just went through the same issue. I had a pure stock 650L that I took to Copper Canyon Mexico last year and didn't do jack to it. I can't for the life of me figure out how the hell I made it through mountains, river crossings, 10K foot sheer cliff face exposures, etc. w/o killing myself. Ended up selling the bike in a brief bout of stupidity. Fast forward: Bought another XR650L. After much research, I ordered the Kouba link. The guy there, Norm, is great. Went on without too much of a problem (it's definitely a 2 person job). Raised the forks up 1" in the triple clamps and WHAT A FREAKING DIFFERENCE! I can touch the ground (albeit on my tippietoes). I can actually back the SOB up with my feet. This would have been so much easier in Mexico and I'm sure I wouldn't have laid the dam thing down 42 times. I didn't mess with the sag or anything else. I feel it's low enough and didn't want to lower the travel anymore. Next to my buddies bike (same 650L but w/o lowering link) its about 2" lower. I would highly recommend it!
  15. blue_chip68

    What brand of big tank?

    I know this has been addressed before, but do the clear tanks still turn yellow after a while?