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  1. Slyda

    our 06 rmz450 died

    This is an isue. When I adjusted my chain according to the manual, I heard the chain rattling! Scared me to dead! Now I unscrew the cranckshaft cover bolt, losen the lock nut and unscrew the allen bolt. I turn the cranckshaft counterclockwise and then you can see the cam chain tensioner moving towards the cam chain (the chain is now tensioned on the exhaust side of the engine and loose on the intake side). I keep the chain stressed (with a spanner on the cranckshaft nut), remount the allen bolt, thighten the lock nut and remount the cranckshaft bolt. Runs fine! I don't care if it's on compression stroke or not... What u guys think about this procedure? I thighten the chain every 5 hours... (good luck to the guy with the dead RMZ, my friend had the same seisure with his GSXR1000 last week...Big trouble!!!) Greets from Belgium.
  2. Slyda

    Yzf Sm Gearing

    I'm with the screamman. I run 15/46 on my 2002 426. Lifts the front wheel easily in second gear on power and sometimes in third...Still enough top speed. I never ride highways. Rather short gearing, but not extreme.
  3. Slyda

    Show your moto!

    My 2002 426 trash-machine
  4. Slyda

    Screams WR is complete - PICS

    That's the spirit! GRtz.
  5. Slyda

    Is 35 old?

    Old farts! (just kiddin')
  6. Slyda

    Screams WR is complete - PICS

    Less is more...In my opinion the blue engine parts overdid it bigtime. Have fun though!
  7. Slyda

    Need New Front Master Cylinder

    Damned, guess we were lucky getting our bikes sorted out easy! GRtz.
  8. Slyda

    Need New Front Master Cylinder

    Team scream and co. The guy wants a CHEAP way to get decent brakes. I think OEM second hand road bike stuff is the way to go... He's probably on stock dirt bike caliper. Than a 14 mm thing will be a big improvement, don't you think. Here you find 'm for 50 euros (some 50 dollars...more or less) Maybe a friend can lend his master cylinder and have him givin' it a try....
  9. Slyda

    SMR510... what is your opinion?

    I'm with stupid. Guys get yourselfs informed before you call a Huskie 610 a Cadillac... A 610 is a decent street SMR (from '05 on they are thouroughly upgraded)and a 510 is racebased...
  10. Slyda

    Need New Front Master Cylinder

    This ain't exact science...Any superbike 14-16mm pump will do the job. Get it second hand. If you don't like it sell it. There'll be enough Supermoto enthusiast in the States in the future, they'll all need brakes... Check the AMA race dudes, they all probably have spares. GRtz.
  11. Slyda

    Need New Front Master Cylinder

    A second hand 14mm master cylinder should work fine (from a R6 for example).
  12. Slyda

    EBC Oversized Front Brake/ NEWBIE

    Congratulations on your supermotard! Mine is finished for two weeks now. Ridden it twice realy. Rocks hard! Next time you need to place 'em back try these guys advices. Might fit! My VOR Braking caliper fits my Yzf 426 (with custom made addaptors) thigt. GRtz.
  13. I'll be faster than Rossi on Spa-Francorchamps (me on my 750 Gixxer and he on his Yamaha scooter... )!!!
  14. Slyda

    Buying a supermoto -please help

    I'm with natethegrate: go for a DRZ. Low(er) maintenance and seems fast and light enough to learn the skills.
  15. Rossi has higher corner speed and he has the thightest lines. He tucks the bike in early and gets the bike standing up early, so he can get on power early. It's nice to blab about comparisons between riders of different disciplins or ereas, but no conclusions should be drawn....