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  1. grouchosbp

    Klx 400??

    I saw a brand new KLX 400 at my kawi dealer about 3 months ago I don't no if he still has.
  2. grouchosbp

    Suggestions on Scammer

    Banks are required to take cashier checks without a hold. That is why they get forged. They are then returned at a later date and you are stuck. It is getting bad. You can't take checks because tey might be forged, cash might be counterfit. It is getting impossible to sleep at night if you sale a big ticket item.
  3. grouchosbp


    I paid $4000 for an 01 Drz 400e which may seem high but it had the following: recent engine rebuild bored to 426 bike was also dnyo. new steering stabilizer new ims tank new fmf q exhaust New bars new chain, and sprocket. Came with three front sprockets, Case savers Baja design dual sport lighting. and street legal in calif. You have to look what you are getting with the bike.
  4. grouchosbp

    DRZ or KLX????

    I own a drz 400 but had a klx 300 before. You can't go wrong with either bike. The Klx is lighter and I never had any problems starting it after it was jetted. The DRZ 400 is taller and heavier but the drz e has a better carb then a stock klx. Also the biggest difference of all electric start. After having the magic button I will never go back to kick start.
  5. grouchosbp

    2 of my bikes RUINED in one day.... and my car.... Why Me!

    The good news is you have the making of a great country song all you need is your wife to leave you and take your dog. Sorry to hear about your horrible day.
  6. grouchosbp

    1st Ride

    Just purchased a drz 400e from vintagethumper. It has a ton of mods and was surprised at how well it ran. I encourage anyone to do business with vintagethumper.
  7. grouchosbp

    To much for 2001 wr 426

    yea thats what I thought thanks.
  8. grouchosbp

    To much for 2001 wr 426

    I am looking at a 2001 wr 426. It is ca plated, sub mount scott stabilizer, new white brothers pipe, auto decompression cam, new chain and sprockets and dual sport kit installed. It is in good condition but I know the owner rode it hard but took very good care of it maintance wise. Seller is firm on the price of 4300.00. Does that seem like a high price or a fair price for everything the bike has. Thanks for your input.