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  1. Did you ever consider a flywheel weight? We put one on a KX 65 and it is almost a tractor compared to stock, perfect for offroad and very hard to stall.
  2. I went through this a couple of months ago, my son outgrew his CRF50 and we wanted something bigger. Obviously you can modify the 50 but it depends on what you would like to do. We looked at all of the options and ulimately decided on a KX65. We shaved the seat and installed a lowering link, added a flywheel weight and used the washer mod (3/4)diameter hole in a 1 1/1/2 fender washer for a few weeks and the bike was almost beginner friendly. The shaved seat and lowering link were necessary due to size, the flywheel weight helps as we almost always ride offroad but now the washer is gone and my son loves his little big bike....
  3. I know several kits are out there for the conversion but NM is no longer a "minimal requirement" state. Any issues with the DMV and registration for a plate I should worry about? Its a '97 XR 400 with minimal mods, love the bike but have several newer toys for fun in the dirt...