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  1. Do these gixxer mufflers have a spark arrestor in them?
  2. EBC MXS work great for me. I get about 4-5K miles out of a front set and 10K from the rears. Do not buy TufStop Ceramic. They are like butter. I only have 1500 miles on a set of rears and they have lots of wear already.
  3. The inner diameter. Then an adapter could be machined to bolt it to the DR hub. It doesn't necessarily have to be a 320, but they are abundant. A larger diameter than 320 would be great, but I haven't look at enough specs to know what's out there. The brakes are marginal as they are, so I'd take a 10% gain in mechanical leverage.
  4. Are you aware of a 320 disc with a larger diameter that could be adapted to the DR? With EBC's perpetual "pending release" of their kit, it looks like someone else is going to have to come up with a solution.
  5. Does it bolt right up or does anything need to be changed?
  6. If they have been "working" on it for a year and you still can't buy it, my money says it's not going to happen.
  7. What about canada?
  8. I talked with a few companies trying to get one of these. Parts Unlimited and Tucker Rocky do not distribute this item. If you want to get one you have to have it ordered from someone who deals directly with EBC. I still have not found anyone that can get it for me. EBC probably is wondering why they have a shelf full of these rotors and are not selling any... Don't bother trying to contact EBC. They don't have phone numbers listed on their website and they don't respond to questions submitted through their web site. Why do they make it so difficult when people are lining up to give them money?
  9. You an easily drag pegs with the stock wheel sizes and street tires. The suspension is marginal as it is. With a SM setup of sticky tires and big brakes, you will easily overpower the stock suspension. I'd figure in the added cost of a suspension upgrade if you want to take full advantage of the SM bling.
  10. 27K miles. Cracked petcock and stator failure have been the only problems.
  11. Avon Distanzias are a good high mileage tire for street use.
  12. I'm probably going to rebuild my shock soon and was wondering if there are shocks off of any other bikes that work in the DR. It would be nice to have some decent valving and adj. rebound without spending a ton of cash. Has anyone tried something that works well? DRZ shock maybe?
  13. If I open it up, I might as well put the gold valve in. What weight oil comes in these things from the factory?
  14. Are there components in the rear shock that wear out with time and use and at what mileage do you guys see this happening? I may be imagining it since the shock has alway been under damped, but it feels softer that I remember it being some 25K miles ago. There is no maintenance info in the manual for inspection or rebuilds. Are these shocks rebuildable?
  15. Running two 55w bulb is fine with the stock system, but any more than that is pushing it up to the limits of what you can pull out of the system without draining your battery. Get a voltage guage so you know for sure when you are discharging your battery.