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  1. terryhotshoe

    Scott's Steering Dampener // XR650

    I have the same problem not happy since they told me only a few dont line up!!They did send out another tower it helped alittle.For now I just super glued some weather stripping on the steering stops but it should have a small weld put on the steering stops,for the amount of money you pay for one, you would think the product would fit properly!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. terryhotshoe

    Greasing Headset Bearings

    I reccomend water proof grease and service at least once a season!!!MIght as well change fork oil at the same time also!!terry.
  3. terryhotshoe

    Anyone dual sport an XR600?

    I had a xr600 dual sported for 6 years and loved it!!Bought a new 650r and dual sported it and love it even more!!!!!!!!They are both heavy bikes but love the power!Dont expect the bike to handle like a yamaha 426 but you will be comfortable while the rest of the guys are crying monkey butt.
  4. terryhotshoe

    what kinds of jobs do we all have

    I am an antique dealer in sunny so ca.I think I have the best job!No 8 to 5!!! I buy and sell everything from vintage motorcycles to rare oil paintings and general antiques.Last year I sold a tv show munster plastic squirt gun for 10000.00 Bought a brand new bike with half the money.I try to ride at least 10 days out of the month or go surfing across the street from where I live!Used to be a quality control superviser for aero space when I was young and dumb!!!!!!!!
  5. terryhotshoe

    does the XR650R overheat?

    Some do some dont!!!! I have 3000 off road miles on mine, stock coolant, stock cap and stock thermo!! I ride in the desert high speed never had a problem period!!This bike is designed to be ridden fast so if you ride it on slow trails you would want to do those mods.Most of the time the over heating problems occure during the breakin period.If the bike is not jetted rt or valves are off it will over heat.all my friends have bone stock xrr s and have never had overheating problems!Just uncork and jet correctly and you should not have any problems.
  6. terryhotshoe

    Setting Preload on an XR650R

    Get a long punch hit it with a hammer and turn the spring!!!!!Terry.
  7. terryhotshoe

    XR650L - Opinions?

    I agree with the last post!!Even though I own a new xr650r street legal!!ITs a great bike and if ridden by a good rider it can almost keep up with a xr650r!E mail gene at genelane@aol I have ridden with him out in the desert and he knows all the tricks jetting etc to get the xrl to haul ass!!Terry
  8. terryhotshoe

    What lube for new X-ring???

    Well ryan I used maxima chain wax on my old xr600 for 5 years now that I have a xr650r I use the same stuff.Been riding the new bike all year off road about 3000 hard off road miles,just bought the same chain as you but not quite ready to put it on yet!!I live across the street from the great pacific and after washing chain in kerosine I apply 90 weight untill I break the bike out to ride.Just before I take it out to the desert I wipe the chain real good and try and get most of the 90wt off.After I clean the 90wt off I spray the chain with maxima chain wax.If you just run the 90wt it will throw off and collect alot of dust.I had a problem with rust with the chain wax thats why I coat the chain with 90wt while it sits near the ocean.I think the most important issue is to just use kerosine when cleaning your new chain!!!Most any chain lube designed for o rings will work and im sure other tt ers have there favorite chain lube,but this has worked for me good luck Terry.
  9. terryhotshoe

    Looking for So. Cal. Riding Buddies

    Redrock and jawbone are 2 of my favorite spots but where is mesa marin??????????????terry.
  10. terryhotshoe

    Dunlop 756/752 Whats the Difference?

    Well I use a 756 on the rear tryed the 752 it did not last as long and knobs chunked off real bad.I have gone thru alot of 756 s they are great for the ca. desert!!!!!
  11. terryhotshoe

    Ballinger ride report

    Well that place can be really trick in the rain!!! I was thinking of driving over the hill myself but by the time I got back from working the rain had started. Could this be d from the famous lauhglin 200 mile ride a while back??? terry.
  12. terryhotshoe

    clutch bushing

    Well you have a good dealer when I let my dealer know about the problem he said he never heard about it!!When I informed him there was an updated part he told me honda always updates there parts and there was no reason to be concerned!!I went ahead and bought the new bushing anyways and installed it my self.Now when I am out out in the desert 100 miles from my truck I have piece of mind!!!!A few people have had to be towed out for the very same problem your post should be taken seriously the part is cheap and can be replaced easily. terry
  13. terryhotshoe

    MX Pants question

    As far as moto pants go to e bay there always for sale and the best deal you can find!! Just ask questions size, condition etc.
  14. terryhotshoe

    where to get chain/sprockets/guides?

    Well after reading your post I feel I have to reply!!I also have had great luck with rocky mountain ordered at least 20 times!!Your problem with you chain shows a lack of general motor cycle knowledge.You can grind a link off your own chain in about 3 mins on any home grinding wheel.As far as ordering a chain braker thats what you ordered ,its not there fault you dont need it!! I have ridden off road for over 45 years so I think I know what I am talking about!!When you order from a mail order house you usually get a young man or women getting min wage you cant expect them to know what you want or need! I suggest you do your homework before you order anything over the phone or go down to your local bike shop and talk to some one there!!I have ordered stuff from most of the mail order houses and rocky mountain is by far the cheapest and fastest!!My 2 cents Ps try chaparral if you like getting bend over!!!!!!!!!
  15. terryhotshoe


    Try rocky mountain I buy all my tires chains etc never had a problem!!No tax for you ca. people!!!!! rockymountainmc.com I gave up on chapparal years ago!! terry.