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  1. Try it as-is.......but if you get on-highway vibration/shaking - having your wheels balanced will be $$$ well spent........or you can just book a dentist apt. for a set of replacement fillings!!!
  2. I put a BIG GUN pipe on my '99 and sold the SuperTrapp on Ebay - what a difference & well worth the $$$!!! Did a mild re-jet and the thing pulls like a freight train.
  3. I've got a '99 ATK 605DS for sale. If interested.....I can email pix & specs. Ched
  4. SD, I've got a '99 ATK 605DS that could be for sale. If you're interested - get me an email and I'll send you some pix & specs. Bike is located in Chazy,NY zip: 12921 Reguards! Ched