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  1. I have a brand new stocker but im in UK,i fitted a power roll from new
  2. chilly engineer

    Rear Shock

    Tim,lets get the fronts done first ,the rear is much easier cr80/85 is good
  3. chilly engineer

    stator on 230

    Your reasoning for NOT turning on the headlight dont stack up ,the charging system is working just ride it
  4. chilly engineer

    It does not power up

    check the solenoid is working ,when you press the button this closes the solenoid to put power from battery to starter but main money is on clutch switch ,bridge it out
  5. chilly engineer

    Anyone have frame guards on CRF150/230?

    Thats a bash /sump plate not frame guards and no they are not made for 230 or 150
  6. chilly engineer

    Biggest rear tire on a CRF 230

    I run a 120 on mine ..and yes it rubs a hole in the shield that protects the shock:cry: other than that it rocks:ride:
  7. chilly engineer

    oil leak-be aware!

    Had a small oil leak last week, found that something had gone round the chain and bashed the sprocket cover,in doing so had broken the neutral switch ,this is made of Japans finest .............PLASTIC! it is very vunerable where it is and is only a push fit with an O- ring on,if this were to get knocked out you would not know until the engine died a sudden death,anyone got a good mod to overcome this??
  8. chilly engineer

    oil leaking

    Some stone or other has been around my chain and fractured the neutral switch causing it to leak oil!!!!!!!!!
  9. chilly engineer

    oil leaking

    Came back from 80 mile ride to find oil leaking from around the sprocket or gear change seals, can these be changed in situ??how much are the seals?anyone had leaks from this area ? im real pissed with this as i dont thrash it and do good oil changes,only done 800 miles,any help???????
  10. chilly engineer

    quiet core insert cheap??

    Tone ,explain to me how the weight of the rider say 180lbs against a rider of say 200lbs are gonna notice any power difference??if it was that drastic (and easy) you would buy a bike to suit your weight ,i can see that a kid on a crf230 is gonna fly more than a great lard ass on same bike but, surely by leaving the baffle in/out their is NO NOTICABLE power increase???it only SOUNDS like your going faster!!Pretty soon you wont be able to tell anyway cause youll be deaf.
  11. chilly engineer

    quiet core insert cheap??

    having the baffle in makes no noticable difference to power ,just saves your ears, big time put it in and ride quietly.
  12. chilly engineer


    Hi 230rider15,yeah im gonna call you stupid,if you cant grasp the principle of the 4 stroke cycle/engine i dont think you should do anymore than pump gas in and check tyre pressures,take it to your local dealer and argue the toss with them,or, as someone else suggested run it as it is then youll learn real quick,now go pick up a book and read up ,if your knocking everyones opinion on here we cant help you further
  13. chilly engineer

    workshop manual

    Would anyone buy me a manual and post it on ??do you have even a used one? if anyone can help i will send you the full cost to you plus some as the price here is too much,and when on e-blag they dont ship worldwide,if some one wants to give me a price (total cost) i will get the $ to you before you either buy it or send it ,thanks in advance
  14. chilly engineer


    the lean mixture means too much air and not enough petrol,you correct this by changing the pilot jet and the main jet for larger ones which therefore will pass more fuel so acheive (with a little mixture screw adjustment,and maybe a notch up on the needle clip)the correct air-petrol ratio,there is a full step by step in here on how to do this,you MUST do it or you will SURE knacker that engine
  15. chilly engineer

    lighting fault

    got it sorted!it was the front bulb holder shorting,what do they say about not ruining a ship for a ha pence o tar!!!the holder was rubbish ,lasted 5 rides!!!!