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  1. Well it has been exactly one year since my visit to the Sanders clinic. I had my ACL repaired and a Bankheart repair done on my shoulder on 6/2/08. All of the repairs are holding very well, and I had returned to full active duty after only four months. I would like to thank Dr. Mark for the great work he did on me. It takes a special kind of surgen to commit to doing three surgeries on a "healthy" guy, and expect him to go back to his normal life in just a few days. The repairs have given me the oppertunity to do some of the things that I have always wanted to do. I went on my first ride at the dunes in California last month, and had the time of my life! Here I am riding a small dune at Gordons well. I can't immagine all of the fun rides and other activities that I would have missed if I had gotten a different surgery, from another Dr. I am a firm believer in Dr. Sanders clinic being "The fastest way back". Evryone I have met along the way has been impressed with the quality of his work, and my quick return to the sport that I love. THANK YOU Dr. Mark, My life has been touched in a way that you could not possibly know.
  2. I would like to thank Dr. Sanders fo fixing me up so well! I would have posted sooner, but I have been out riding!!! I had ACL and shoulder surgery on 6/2/08 and was back to riding after about four months. I would have been back sooner but I had some other major medical concerns which sidetracked my physical therapy. I did my first "big" ride last weekend (6+ hrs on the bike) and had very little in the way of discomfort. I still have some grinding and popping in the ACL leg, but it is minor and getting better with time. Sorry for the shameless plug but..... If you want it fixed right the first time, go see Dr. Sanders in H-town!
  3. PHX450f

    My Dr. Mark experience.

    Back at home: After landing I walked from the plane to my girlfriend’s car. This was difficult and painful; however it was one of my goals, to make that walk, unassisted. The next few weeks were filled with stretching; exercise bike rides, and limited walking. At three weeks post-op I took some pictures of my stitches to send to the Doc. He saw them and said they could come out. I removed the ones in my legs, and my girlfriend took out the ones in my shoulder. I am now well on my way toward my goal of riding in Baja next year. If anyone has any questions or concerns about going to Houston to see Dr. Mark, don’t hesitate to PM me. I don’t check my account very often, but I will get back to you if you have questions.
  4. PHX450f

    My Dr. Mark experience.

    Leaving Houston: The last day we were in Houston was a very busy one. I was supposed to have an MRI in the morning which was canceled because the hospital had no one to run the machine. Then off to Dr. Mark’s office for a physical therapy session and final inspection. The physical therapy went well. I managed 40 minutes on the exercise bike and did all of the other exercises asked of me. After that I had to hurry off to the airport to catch my flight home. The flight back sucked. I just could not get comfortable no matter how hard I tried. The extra room in first class was a help but I could have used more
  5. PHX450f

    My Dr. Mark experience.

    After surgery: I spent the night in the hospital and was discharged the next afternoon. After leaving the hospital I went to Dr. Mark’s office for my first aftercare appointment with Ed the physical therapy guy. We went over wound care and stretching while he changed my bandages. Then I went back downstairs for some after X-rays, and finally to the hotel for some much needed rest. The next few days are a blur of drugs, pain, stretching, and bad T.V.
  6. PHX450f

    My Dr. Mark experience.

    Surgery day: 6/2/2008. I woke up very early due to the time difference and my apprehension about the surgery. I rode the exercise bike in the hotel for about 30 minutes and then went for a walk. We went to Dr. Mark’s office and had my first consultation. The Doc looked me over and said that he would do both surgeries at the same time (ACL and shoulder). I then went off to have some X-rays taken, and to get checked in at the hospital. I have only a limited memory of the rest of that day due to my reaction to the anesthesia. I woke up in the recovery room to the dry heaves. I was sick from the drugs and it was a good thing that I had not eaten or drank anything because it would have come back. After getting some anti-nausea medication I started to feel much better. After a couple of hours I felt like I had to pee. My mom was not there yet, and there was no nurse in sight (I had not figured out that I could call them with a button) so I just got up and went to the bathroom. Walking was difficult, but not painful, due to the drugs. After my mom showed up a little later I went for a walk around the hospital floor. I repeated this walk numerous times while in the hospital to the amazement of staff and other patients.
  7. PHX450f

    My Dr. Mark experience.

    Arriving in Houston: I was very happy with the flight to Houston. It was my first time in first class, which is a blessing to someone like me who happens to be 6’4” and needs some extra leg room. I knew that I would need a helper person to come with me so I brought my mom along. She was so helpful and I could not have done it without her. When we got to the hotel we encountered our first problem. The suite that I had reserved turned out to be just a regular room with two beds. No refrigerator, no microwave, no privacy, no way. I love my mom but I am a grown a55 man and need some privacy. So we changed to two single rooms for the first night, and my mom said she would find a suite or two single rooms that were next to each other the next day while I was in surgery. This leads me to my first tip: travel more than one day before and more than six days after surgery. This will ensure that you will have the time to set up your hotel room and do any shopping and whatnot for the stuff that you will need.
  8. PHX450f

    My Dr. Mark experience.

    The Pre-hab After several visits with local orthopedic surgeons and more MRI scans I started talking with Dr. Mark. I had originally asked him if he knew anyone in the Phoenix area that was good. His response was, buy an exercise bike and start riding the crap out of it, then e-mail your insurance info to Yvonne, and finally come see me in Houston. So I got my exercise bike at the end of January and proceeded to ride the crap out of it until I left for Houston. During this time I continued to do more research on what I could expect from the surgery. I also opted to handle my own travel arrangements and hotel. One of the nice things about seeing Dr. Mark is that his staff checks with your insurance to see what is covered and what is not. Before I even set foot on the airplane I knew exactly what I needed to have with me and what everything would cost. In my case the Cryo-cooler and cuffs were not covered items. The hospital would have charged me about $800 for this stuff. I found the cooler and all three cuffs for less than $300 on the internet. Then I just brought them with me to the hospital on surgery day.
  9. PHX450f

    My Dr. Mark experience.

    The Crash: My original injury happened 10/7/2007. I went play/trail riding with a couple of buddies. I had been practicing wheelies all day and the last one bit me. I was doing a third gear wheelie down a sand wash when my back wheel hit a rock under the sand. I have a very vivid mental picture of being in a standing position, with my arms extended in front of me, and the bike (still vertical) rolling away from me. I guess that I just lost my grip and slid off the back. So I don’t remember any thing else about the crash until my friends helping me get up off the ground. I quickly realized that something was very wrong with both my right arm and my left leg. With all the endorphins and a little bit of shock I had no idea how badly I was hurt. I asked one of my friends to start my bike for me, and I rode the five miles back to the trucks, very slowly. Once back at the staging area my friends helped me load up and get on my way. While in route to my house I called my girlfriend to say that I would be home soon and would need some help because I had crashed. When I got home and got undressed it became apparent that a trip to the hospital was in order. My right shoulder was dislocated, and had not popped back in. It was stuck up in my armpit for the next three hours. The emergency room hospital Doc was a major a55hat, he had the nerve to say that I should give up such a dangerous sport. I politely told him that I have been riding since I was six years old (I’m 32 now) and that this was the first time that I had ever been injured severely enough to warrant a hospital trip. After the hospital visit, X-rays, and later several MRI it was determined that I had ruptured my ACL and done severe damage to my labrum and rotator cuff.
  10. PHX450f

    My Dr. Mark experience.

    First off I would like to say thank you to Dr. Sanders and his whole team. They made my trip to Houston as comfortable and productive as possible. As I write this I am four weeks post-op. I am finally off the pain meds, and my physical therapy is coming along nicely. I will attempt to give an approximate time line and review of everything that happened regarding my surgery, as well as some suggestions and tips for anyone who may be considering going to Houston. This may be a long post so I will try to break it up a bit.
  11. PHX450f

    Just Ordered From Fmf!! Pc4 For 110$!!!

    I also called FMF to see if this unit has a spark arrestor. They said that it did not but you could add one for $22. So I ordered one. Frickin SWEEET!
  12. PHX450f

    Just Ordered From Fmf!! Pc4 For 110$!!!

    The web site does not say if the silencer has a spark arrestor. Does anyone know if this model has one?
  13. PHX450f

    best offroad gloves?

    +1 on the mechanix gloves. I use the M-pact series with the padded palm. I used to get blisters until I found theese. They also last a long time versus MX gloves. The one drawback is that they only come in black.
  14. PHX450f

    new garage

    If you will have access to water hook-ups, a parts washing sink would keep the misses from yelling at you when you wash your air filter in the kitchen sink.
  15. I just bought the 2006 (left over) frontier with the V-6 and six speed manual trans. I love it. My last truck was an 01 frontier with the 2.4 4-banger, it was not so good. The old truck was down on power and did not get very good gas mileage to boot. The new truck is a rocket ship, and gets almost 20mpg if you can stay off of the accelerator. I was also impressed with the interior of my new truck, it blows the old one away. Nissan has stepped up the quality of what they offer these days. Just as good as a toyota imho.