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  1. You only need a license for the AMA Series. Bookoo is open, from what I understand. I was going to race a Bookoo race last year, I called and they told me that a license wasn't needed.
  2. I have the twin air cover for my CRF. I've never had it leak with power washer, the only thing to be careful with is when using carb cleaner. It will ruin the finish on the cover, but then again it's just a cover. Get one, definatly worth the money.
  3. 59th was taken over by Tinker from what I've heard, I went by there about 6months ago and tinker hasn't done anything with it yet. Tracks still there just way run down. I sucks that track was really fun.
  4. Well They've got a track atleast.
  5. A-star vectors!