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  1. Nice lookin setup!
  2. 32 - 06 te510 mike- looks like youve added some mods since your garage pic; powdercoated frame, hoses, anodized hubs, rear rotor... looking nice!
  3. Thanks for the input rajo! devilbikes.com talk to robert
  4. 1500 shipped tax incl. 1399 listed on the U.S. site
  5. Ive read opinions about lower end torque increase then others negating stating a loss in torqe but gain snap in the mid-high rpms a benefit to the racing environments. I just have yet to see any real test. But then of course, any shoot out test would likely occur on one of the supossed 'top four'. Perhaps some seasoned guys in here have some hands on experience?
  6. Just bought an 06 te510 and am looking for a new exhaust. Came across this one Are there any actual benefits over looks for the extra dough? Thanks in advance for your input.
  7. Cannondale 1998 unless there was one prior??
  8. the original is GSL414 from Walbro Optimum Power (original distributor) these are the others I have found; Napa #NPF-P74028 Accel pump # ACC-74701 look at Summit Racing -- MSD part number 2225
  9. How much? Is that a header wrap on there too, or? Killer job on that thing, damn sexy
  10. Got the speed at 28 the x at 29 and the e at 30. now at 31 I feel like a young buck throwing rocks off the rear at all the groms with big heads...