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    New (2006) TE 610 questions

    I'm new here, and have been searching for a couple of answers to no avail. Forgive me if they've already been covered ...Test rode the 610 and found it to be way under powered. The pipe is clearly stopping it up. An FBF slip on was recommended. Are there other options, and which ones have spark arresters? Also, after removing the stock can and emissions junk, what hot jetting setup is proving the best? Will these mods make the difference I'm looking for? Or will I see only a mild change and still be unhappy with the power? Thanks for the help!
  2. Velcrometer

    06 te 610 update

    Hello all ... (My first post here)Great site, and am looking forward to reading through more of these 610 posts. Also just rode the M.S. No Wimps, but without a dual-sport picked out yet, had to do so on my 950 Adventure. The last half of the route before lunch is no place for the 950. Lots of nasty steep single track. So I went to GP (San Diego) yesterday to check out the 610, as I had heard great stuff. Everything looked good till I rode it. Way under power! I know I'm spoiled with the 950, but I also know what the bike shoulda had, and it didn't. I'v noticed some threads here about this power issue, slip ons, jetting, emissions removal etc. Will check them out and perhaps post a question. I initially wanted a 525 with a plate, but either that or the 510 variety is not as low maintenance at I wanted. Also, I want to ride to the dirt, not truck in, and be able to do weekend to trips to Santa Veronica, Mike's etc. I knew I didnn't want the 640 or the Adventure version, so now I'm looking at the 610. Any advice is welcome ... Thanks!