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  1. nickyd111

    Yamaha raptor 660 Track use?

    is a stock raptor 660 good for track use, becuase i was thinking of racing but i need an opinion if this would be a good quad.
  2. nickyd111

    Suzuki z250

    is the z250 good for track use.
  3. nickyd111

    boyseen accelerator pump cover

    no qiuck shot is an device you install on your front fork guard that helps you prevent pulling wheelies of the starting gate.
  4. nickyd111

    Do I Need A Pipe?

    well besides what there saying, you can make other mods to your bike and make it go faster than spending extra money on a exhuast system.
  5. nickyd111

    back firing flames

    yeah, if you saw the video the great out doors motocross movie, even Josh grants bike was spitting out flames.
  6. nickyd111

    boyseen accelerator pump cover

    were not talkin about a qiuck shot were talkin about an accelerator pump cover.
  7. nickyd111

    boyseen accelerator pump cover

    do they bring down the coolant tempature
  8. nickyd111

    How much for 04 RM-Z250

    There is a bike for sale localy for $3,000 and it has renthal bars and a wave brake front rotor. Is this a fair price or should I find a better deal.
  9. nickyd111

    How much $ for an 04 KX250f

    There is an 2004 KX250F for sale for $3,200, It has Bills pipe silencer, new graphics, plastic, tires and some more. Is this a good price.
  10. nickyd111

    Clutch Trouble

    My clutch seems to keep sticking. After I realese the throtle on my YZ250F the bike wont stop. Does it need new oil or do you think that the clutch plates are sticking.
  11. nickyd111

    local shop

    if i were you I would get an estimate from your local shop or ask some guys at the local track.
  12. nickyd111

    jetting for colorado

    I would call one of the motorcycle dealerships in Colorado like Colorado Powersports. www.copowersports.com
  13. nickyd111

    Considering 2006 Suzuki RM-Z250

    if i Were you I wouldnt go with th e 06 RMZ.
  14. nickyd111

    2002 or 2001 yzf 250 good bike?

    i have an 02 and it is a very good bike.
  15. I was thinking about getting one for 2 reasons. 1 for the looks and to keep the mud off of it. Is it worth the money or not.