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  1. pineapple!
  2. November 1st. http://www.btosports.com/p/EVS-2012-RFOUR-NECK-BRACE
  3. If you already have the sockets you should just get a cheap tusk t-handle. I bought a tusk t-handle 1/4 drive set that came with a 8mm 10mm 12mm and 14mm for like $10 bucks a while ago. It just as good as any other. I found this one for $8.99. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&priceRange=allPrices&navTitle=Tools%2FShop&webTypeId=140&webCatId=22&brandId=294&prodFamilyId=9514
  4. The new ones look a lot bigger. Does anyone know if they will fit on my '06? Is this a decent option or just go with an aftermarket?
  5. I dont have any pics of them together.
  6. Doubt he even still has the bike. This post is 4 years old.
  7. http://www.shomepitbikeseries.com/
  8. Thanks Bunghole. It just didn't look right to me. Gunner - The seller did not have it looking like that. This was about two hours after I got home. I just got done checking the valves and cleaning the carb. While I was at it I gave her a good cleaning. The bike had not been run for 9 months before I got there to look at it. He left the gas in it the whole time so it was nasty and I thought the carb would be a mess, but it was actually pretty clean. It has a 182 MJ and a 42 Pilot jet. I probably wont have a chance to work on it anymore until this weekend and I plan on getting the jetting sorted out. I probably wont do too much more to it. On order now is OEM graphics, black gripper seat cover, pre-printed back grounds, etc... Eventually I will likely get black rims and send the suspension out for a revalve and call it good.
  9. Just picked it up. I'm going go through everything, so these are the before pictures. Do I have a 450 exhaust?
  10. oldbikebarn.com ??? Maybe check local bike salvage yards...
  11. If you like the white plastic more than the orange, you should put the white on while the orange is still pristine. Then swap the stock orange back on when you decide to sell it in the future.
  12. I give it a solid -6.5.... What I did get to see looked good though.
  13. randomly found this video and i assume it is the same bq365.... insane!