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  1. 2R41

    LA-B-Vegas 2012 (LAB2V)

    I'm doing it this year, but not on my DRZ... A couple of friends and I are doing it on vintage Honda Trail 90's. So if you see three or four mildly to moderately overweight guys on tiny bikes going really slow give the salute We are looking for more masocists that want to join in on the fun... Check out www.slow-way-round.com if doing the ride on a "real" bike seems too easy Gabe
  2. Definitely the DoubleTake. Best mirror made.
  3. 2R41

    Trail Mirror?

    x2!!! These are THE BEST mirrors I have ever seen. I only had the coin to buy one, they are a bit pricey, BUT I wouldn't buy anything else. Gabe
  4. 2R41

    Injury question

    Take two of these... ...and call me in the morning...
  5. 2R41

    The Riding Game - Who's in

    A pic of your bike next to an airplane in a carwash
  6. 2R41

    TM 2-strokes...

    Oh man, they are pretty snazzy. Stared at them for a few hours the other day while the show bikes were being assembled. Hopefully I will get to ride one when Pete gets back from showing them off at Indy (I can dream, right?) It's not very productive to have neighbors with cool stuff Gabe
  7. 2R41

    What kind of person?

    "Hold my beer and watch this..."
  8. 2R41

    Prescott Dual Sport Rider Missing

    He was found, injured but safe. Good outcome to a potentially bad situation. http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11063886&postcount=7 Gabe
  9. Saw this on Expedition Portal. I posted to ADVRider as well. I hope they find him safe. http://www.prescottenews.com/news/latest/ycso-search-continues-for-missing-prescott-man.html Gabe
  10. What happened to the mandrel bender?
  11. 2R41

    What will your next bike be and why?

    My dream bike (well, other than my SM) is a KTM 950 Super Enduro. How can you not love a 100hp dirt bike
  12. 2R41

    10,000ft alt ride jetting?

    My 440 SM with FCR/39 and 160 jetting ran OK at Kennedy Meadows. Although it did seem as though I left half of my horsepower down at the bottom of Nine Mile Canyon Even then it ran good enough to have fun. I'm sure it could have been setup to run better. But I rode the bike from all the way up there from Ontario (1200'), and I'm way too lazy to change jetting for one ride
  13. 2R41

    13/44 - Any SM owners run it w/ dirt wheels?

    Yeah, works really good. I use 13/44 for woods rides, and 14/44 for dual sport stuff. Just did over 800 miles in Death Valley with 14/44, worked perfect. 13/44 is a little buzzy on the highway, but doable for short spurts. I also use 16/41 or 15/41 (depending on ride) for SM trim. All with the same stock SM chain. I just found out though, that I can't do 15/44 with my new rear tire, it's too grande.
  14. 2R41

    My bike runs better under water...

    Yeah, but if it wasn't jetted for the denser air, then it would run more crappier, no? I'll try a 155. Thanks, Gabe
  15. Well, at least below sea level!!! A recent trip to Death Valley confirmed that my bike may be jetted better for riding in Atlantis than in the Inland Empire At 200 feet below sea level the bike ran like a bat out of Hell. Finally, I see why everyone raves about the 440/FCR. 440 built by Eddie, stock exhaust, 39mm FCR from TT, jetted the way it came in the box (160 main??). I was content with the bike, but now that I know it can be faster, I must rejet. Good time to put in an extended fuel screw as well. Wish I knew of a good moto-dyno guy around my parts (Ontario/Upland area, Southern California). Gabe