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  1. cool, still need to check his to see what his is set at..... do ya'lls head pipes glow red while at a stop, then cool off once moving he said that when wide open it stops glowing, but out back when he first starts it up even at idle, his head pipe glows, ive lit my cigerette off it without even touching the darn thing...... any suggestions
  2. anybody know the proper jetting for this model? stock and aftermarket exhaust (brand unknown) need quick assistance thanks friend wants to know if there is a raceing setting for jetting too, i told him i think thats only with aftermarket exhaust.......
  3. sweet, thanks man
  4. so how do i load my avatar, i've been trying but i keep getting told its too big a file, and can't make it small enough and still see the picture.... here it is, or 1 of the 3 at least..... anyhelp would be great..... thanks
  5. lumpy, my friend is having some difficulty with jetting, do you have any suggestions. he just bought it, all stock except exhaust (no idea), very low hours 2002. it seems to be running kinda hot until fully open, eventually plans on racing MX and doing some woods riding occasionally.