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  1. haulinassfofiddyrider

    nissan 4x4 1995ish questions..

    I have a 1992 Nissan truck (2wd) with the 2.4 liter and 90k miles. Last time i was on the highway I checked my mileage and I got 26mpg. That was haulin ass to hollister. I live in the mountains and get low 20s driving to town. Mine has no frame rust.
  2. haulinassfofiddyrider

    1978 bronco

    Looking at buying a 1978 Bronco. New motor/ trans, new paint and bodywork, everything underneath is new too, original interior. 35" tires, never taken off road, seller is the original owner.Anybody have any good info or know anything good/ bad about these things or have any personal experience? What problems should I look for when looking at this truck? I don't want to hear that I should just buy a chevy because fords are crap , as I do like the chevys too. Thanks for the inout.
  3. haulinassfofiddyrider

    Which compact truck?

    Japanese trucks usually last longer than American trucks and are cheaper to work on too.
  4. haulinassfofiddyrider

    Which compact truck?

    I have a 1992 single cab, short bed two wheel drive Nissan Hardbody. It has a 4 speed auto and the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder in it. Truck has 81k on it and I do tow a 5x8 trailer when I go riding. I have one bike in the back of my truck (ttr 230) and 3 full size bikes in the trailer. I also have gear, tool box, gas cans, etc. and a passenger with me. Truck pulls all of this fine wherever I go .My truck is rated to tow 2k lbs while the one with the manual transmission is rated at 3k lbs. I live up in the country, which is 30 minutes away from town and have driven the truck up steep grades for four or five minutes while towing this. On the highway, the truck does fine and does not get pushed around by the trailer as long as you don't go much faster than 65 mph and it stops fine too. The truck unloaded gets just under 25 mpg (hand calculated) driving back and forth to school 30 minutes up and down hills. My buddy has a 1994 single cab,short bed, 2 wheel drive, 5 spd manual, 4 cyl GMC Sonoma that gets 22 mpg but he has almost 200k on it. I have talked to a few people who said these trucks are bullet proof. One guy on here a while back said that he had a Nissan frontier with the same motor and trans as mine and said it ran fine when he sold it with 300k on it. He said the only real maintenance he had to do was replace an alternator, windshield wiper motor, and do two other minor things to it. Mine so far has been great.
  5. haulinassfofiddyrider

    What is this noise?

    It has had a skid plate since new.
  6. haulinassfofiddyrider

    What is this noise?

    I know that the ktms make more noise than the other dirtbikes but this noise has gotten a lot louder than it used to be.
  7. haulinassfofiddyrider

    03 crf450.. good year???????

    Mine has been flawless since new in april of 2003. Valves have been adjusted once and that has been it. Still original top end. I ride it every other week October through April.
  8. haulinassfofiddyrider

    What is this noise?

    Hopefully you guys can give me some info. on what could be wrong with my dads 2002 ktm 520 mxc. After owning the bike since Nov. 2001, my dad just had the top end rebuilt. Before the rebuild we noticed the engine making excessive noise (clanking sound). After the rebuild the noise was still there. Our friend told us that he had heard it may be the clutch that was making the noise. So my dad bought a new clutch and clutch basket. Still the noise was the same as it had been. Our friend told us that this noise could be counterbalance gears. The clanking noise goes away when the clutch is pulled in. Any info would be appreciated.
  9. haulinassfofiddyrider

    Josh Grant

    I think that grant should have just let millsaps go by because it was obvious who the faster rider was.
  10. haulinassfofiddyrider

    Arm pump - exercise the forearms??

    Beating the meat more often reduces arm pump
  11. haulinassfofiddyrider

    KLX300R Vs. XR250R

    What about a drz 400/250? The drz 400 is a good bike for both on road and off road. It would have more power than the bikes you listed, would probably handle better and they are super reliable. I am assuming the 250 is the same only with less power. 2003 CRF 450: FMF Q, WC radiator braces and skid plate, Ironman sprockets,DID chain
  12. haulinassfofiddyrider

    2002 Ktm 520 Exc

    Dad's 02 bought in Nov. 01 just got rebuilt over the weekend. No problems at all, valves adjusted once.
  13. haulinassfofiddyrider

    YES!!!!! They split it up!!!!!

  14. haulinassfofiddyrider


    My doctor said that studies have shown after a person breaks his leg then he/she has a 2% chance of rebreaking their leg again. He did say that it would be a pain in the @$$ to remove the rod if it got bent if you broke it. I think I will leave mine in.
  15. haulinassfofiddyrider

    Any valve problems yet?

    Not a single problem with my 03 CRF 450.