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  1. badiguana

    Are you indirectly funding the Sierra Club?

    Amen. I ride very little off road, so only log in here about once every 6 months. I just read this entire thread. My view is that these companies sign up with outfits that have large followings and political clout in order to influence possible customers to buy their products. They don't, themselves, actually commit to the agenda of such organizations. Therefore, their views can be adjusted. I'm not sure that a sudden boycott by a few people will change that. I suspect the best approach is to have OHV organizations approach these companies about also supporting OHV users. The fact is that the best we can expect from most of these companies is to "talk out of both sides of their mouths." The fact is that a Camelback is a lousy accesory for a 5 day backpacking trip - doesn't go well with a 40 lb frame pack. It's a great accesory for an afternoon on a dirt bike. Has anyone made that point to Camelback? Once a company comes on board with OHV use, it is no longer a strong voice for the Sierra Club, even if it remains a "sponsor" of that organization. It's very unlikely that these guys will abandon one set of customers for another, but getting them to support both sets of customers and thus dilute the voice of the Sierra Club is probably acheivable. By the way, I HATE quads, personally. I'd make them illegal for anyone who is physically able to ride two wheels. My experience with those guys is that most are rude, destructive boors with no consideration at all for smaller vehicles (me) and a burning desire to destroy as much of the environment as possible. If I can compromise with them, I can damn sure compromise with someone who signs up with the Sierra Club to protect the environment against commercial interests but doesn't realize he's supporting a bunch of city dwelling narcisistic nazis.
  2. badiguana

    XR650R - No go with Choke !

    I have a bone stock DR650ES doing exactly the same thing. It started suddenly about 2 months ago. When I parked the bike all was normal. When I started it a week later, it would not start with any choke at all. After a week of that, I pulled the carb and removed the float bowl. Lying in the bowl, loose, was what appeared to be a small fixed jet - a brass cylinder about 5mm long and 3mm in diameter, tapered at one end, with a bore of just under 1mm. I took it to the local dealer and they could not identify the part and said the carb was otherwise normal. They cleaned the carb ($72!!!) and gave it back. I put it back on - no change. I did check the choke/enrichener mechanism, which moves normally. I posted this problem on the DR650 board and no one had a clue. Anyone here?