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  1. utahexplorer

    Air Filter Maintence

    Quick question: Why do you clean the air filter so often? Is it because dirt might get in the engine or is it because of air restrictions? I thought the air filter keeps dirt out of the engine, no matter how dirty it is. I've had the air filter so dirty on my XR400R that it would hardly run. It was like the choke was on. I had to stop and try to knock some of the dirt off of it in the middle of the ride. It ran just fine after I cleaned the air filter and it certainly didn't ruin the valves. I'm considering a CRF450X for my next bike. However during the summer I ride 3-4 times a week on 5 to 8 hour a day rides. I certainly don't want to clean my air filter every day. Most of the time the rides are pretty mellow with one other guy so it isn't that dusty. I've heard the WR450F doesn't need as much maintenance so I'm considering the Yamaha but I'd prefer Honda. Any suggestions?
  2. utahexplorer

    CA Father & Son Moab DS Adventure Part 2

    Great ride report! You do an excellent job squeezing in a lot of trails in a short amount of time! Sorry I didn't make it. My front wheel was still in the shop getting fixed. Besides, I got to spend the weekend with a gorgeous blonde. I can go to Moab anytime. If you come out in the fall, the best single track is south of Moab in the Abajo Mountains. In October I lead a ride for UTMA that begins where the Dewey Bridge used to be and makes a 100 mile loop over to Gateway, CO and crosses the Dolores River. You are more than welcome to join me for that.
  3. utahexplorer

    New Single Track In Grand Junction!!

    Hi, Brandon. Yes, I will be there...
  4. utahexplorer

    Purgatory Rocks!!!!!!!!

    Loved the ride report! You guys are awesome! This looks like a trail I would really enjoy. Hopefully I can go to California and ride with you next winter. I have a terrible case of cabin fever and haven't been on my bike since November. Looking forward to riding with you in April!
  5. utahexplorer

    Playing in Newberry Springs/Calico

    Nice Report! It's been a while since I've been 4wheelin' at Calico and thought it would be great on a bike. Kinda reminds me of, uh, south eastern Utah...
  6. utahexplorer

    Riding In God's Country Moab, Utah Day 3

    Great ride report 9Lives! I had a blast riding with your group. Thanks for the invite LTK300. I must say that Rusty Nail was way more chewed up then when I did it with velosapiens. It keeps getting worse every year. The rock at the bottom of the step was completely gone leaving a big drop with almost no transition. This used to be filled in and we could go up it easily but not anymore. Definitely let me know when you are coming back out to Moab again. I'll have some more loops worked out to show you. Also a TT Moab ride in the fall seems like a great idea. Sign me up!
  7. utahexplorer

    colorado/utah maps????

    Definitely get the Benchmark atlases for each state. Colorado just came out not too long ago. Much better than the Delorme atlases IMO.
  8. utahexplorer

    Swell this weekend (March 3,4)

    There doesn't seem to be much interest this year either. Maybe we'll have to rethink this ride. Anyway I'll be out there probably looking for someone to ride with. I think at least one of my riding buddies is going so I won't be totally alone. See you later...
  9. utahexplorer

    Swell this weekend (March 3,4)

    I'll be in the Swell this weekend. My goal is to ride 5MOH on Saturday as well as the other colored trails. Sunday I may run up to the WSA. Anyone else going to be there?
  10. utahexplorer

    THE (the) sickest Honda I've seen...

    Awesome bike! With all the valve issues of the new four strokes it has occurred to me that valve less could be the way to go. I've considered picking up a CR250R since I heard it is the last year they will make it.
  11. utahexplorer

    A day at the track

    Great video! Your mom did a decent job filming too. Looks like you just about lose it a couple of times and that XR is beating you up a little. You must be loving that YZF on the track. It should be much better suited for that type of riding. You make that big jump at the end look very smooth. Must have been quite a rush!
  12. utahexplorer

    Moab vacation???

    Gee, I ride with Cloud 9 once in while and have been saying we need to get down to Montrose more often. I've ridden Peach Valley a few of times and would really like to ride Dry Creek. I've heard there is some great single track and I would really like to see all the rock crawls there too. It would great if you would show us around sometime. Let us know when the snow levels are acceptable and we'll be down. (maybe just me. Cloud9 hates the cold.) http://s43.photobucket.com/albums/e394/utahexplorer/
  13. utahexplorer

    XR Air

    Now that's what I'm talking about, StillKickin! Sweet Pic! XR-TEX, get on it and post some pics. I know there are others that know how to use an XR... SOCALFMX, thanks for posting those amazing jump pictures. That is quite the canyon he's jumping. He must have had some serious speed to clear that.
  14. utahexplorer

    XR Air

    Thanks for the cool pic, IrideVOR. My jump was in the OHV Open Area north of Grand Junction, Colorado. The "ramp" is actually an old railroad grade from the late 1800s-early 1900s. I agree it is not that big of a jump but the gap definitely makes it intimidating. After the first time it is actually a lot of fun. I've never spent any time at a track and just do a lot of trail riding with my XR. However when I found the jump I knew me any my XR had to do it. Video of the jump (slow motion and full speed) here: http://s43.photobucket.com/albums/e394/utahexplorer/?action=view&current=jumptestweb.flv Any more XR jumping photos out there?
  15. utahexplorer

    lets see them custon 3-wheelers!!!

    I grew up riding three-wheelers. Started on a ATC90. Still have my '85 ATC250R. Used to go to Little Sahara all the time. Funny that my parents didn't want me to get a motorcycle because they were too dangerous. They still weren't happy when I bought my first one when I was 29. Here's a video of me and my brother at the dunes a few years ago: http://www.flyun.com/images/sanddunes/DuneRunnin.mpg