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  1. Found this post after the fact. Took me a while looking through the fiche to come up with the slide as the probable source.
  2. Just had this happen to my 06. I wasn't so lucky. Bent valves
  3. I picked mine from Ebay for $25 delivered. Covers a number of models.
  4. The exploded view of the countershaft on my 15 FC250 is incorrect in the repair manual. Below is a comparison of the manual and the parts fiche. The parts fiche matches the parts I have in my hand. Left is the manual, right is the fiche. I circled one example of the differences.
  5. Found damage on the tooth face of 2nd gear on the main shaft.
  6. Found the issues. Bent shift fork, rounded dogs on the slider and rounded pocket on 3rd gear. Also found the countershaft had some piece broken on the narrow side of the snap ring groove.
  7. has anyone had a similar issue?
  8. My bike has a jump or skip in 3rd gear only. Doesn't do it consistently but when I am on the power it does it somewhat randomly. Anyone else having any issues?
  9. Solved! The previous owner had twice the recommended amount of oil in it. He said something about overfilling it when I bought it. I should've looked at that first
  10. It has the map switch. Tried all the settings without any luck. Ohmed out the switch to ensure it was working.
  11. I'll try the tps. My buddy has the harness. No smoke on startup. I will disable the decompression and see what sort of compression it has.
  12. I just picked up a 2015 FC250 and it has no power. My 06 CRF250R has way more power than this thing. It seems to run fine but, for example, it barely pulls the front wheel up in 3rd gear. It was rebuilt (Vertex piston, OEM valves, timing chain) at 100 hrs and has around 120 on it now. I checked the normal stuff, timing is on, valve clearance in spec, fuel and air filters are clean. Any ideas?
  13. Baja Designs says 100w AC and 20w DC http://www.bajadesigns.com/tech-info/stator-reference-chart