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  1. Thank you very much.
  2. Can someone tell me the fuel capacity of the stock metal tank for a 94 DR 650 ? Thanks, Mike
  3. I have a 94 dr in very good condition with 7,000 miles on it. Ashamed to admit it but at 57 I find myself riding my cruiser more and more and my dr less and less . Just wondering if some of ya'll can give me a ballpark figure for an asking price. Thanks, Mike
  4. I have a 94 DR650 that I installed one of Kientech's smaller front sprockets on a yr or so ago. I am now out of adjustment and need to replace the chain. Can anyone tell me the correct size and length I should be looking for ? Thanks, Mike
  5. A friend and I have almost identical 99 DR 350 SE 's . Recently , his started making a rattle that we thought meant valves needed adjusting. We noticed, however that the rattle goes away when the clutch is not engaged. Now he has an oil leak from a cap or plug on the left side of the engine (as you are sitting on the bike) .This plug has an opening almost like allen head. It appears that the leak isn't coming from the o ring but rather from the middle of the plug itself. My question is : can the rattle and leak be related ? if so explain ... if not, has anyone encountered something similar ? Thanks, Mike Nugent
  6. Thanks, guys, will do some cable checking today .
  7. I have a 94 650 that I have owned less than a yr. I love the bike but I have a question about my clutch lever tension. It takes a grip ! to work my cluch lever, especially when compared to a DR 350 and 400 ! I have had no problem with the clutch but just wonder if this is normal for the 650 or if I have a problem . Thanks for any help