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    '91 dr250 bigger bore kit questions

    I've been around these forums for a while, but this is my first post, so please bear with me... I've been riding an '91 DR250 for a while, the engine's great, still starts easy and I've never had any problems with it. However, with most of my buddies getting bigger/newer bikes, I was wondering what my options would be to bring this bike up to speed. Don't get me wrong, I love this bike and I can keep up with my friends on their 400+ cc bikes, I just want a more usable power. My knowledge of engines is pretty moderate, and i completely rebuilt the engine on my old quad, so i feel up to installing a bigger bore kit myself. I'm not familiar with jetting carbs or any more specific stuff, but I'm willing to learn. The places I ride this bike at my family ranch would make me feel guilty for opening up the air intake, and my bike isn't that big on aesthetics, so a new pipe would be kinda out of place. Gearing wise, I want to keep it pretty high cause I really use the top speed on straights and farm roads. It's not a dual sport model, but I think the gearing's the same cause I've clocked over 80mph in 6th. This (along with not very impressive acceleration) leads me to believe it's geared pretty high already and I probably won't have to change it much, if any, to make up for power. It just seems like I'm waiting on the bike a lot, and pulling wheelies isn't that easy. Of course, the dry-weight being around 270 lbs (not estimated) doesn't help, but I don't get off the ground much, so I'm fine with it. For the kinda power I want, my only real option is a bigger bore kit, but I don't really know where to turn or what's involved. My questions are: Is re-jetting the carb enough, or do I need a new one entirely? What's the biggest size of bore kit I can get/where would I get it from? What do I need to know about the install? What all do I need to make sure I buy? I'm willing to spend a lot (but never more than necessary) on this, seeing as how I'm not financially ready for a new bike yet, and I want this one to last me into college (I'm almost 16). Thanks in advance for your time. Evan