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  1. Hi. My daughter loves her Quadsport 90, but wants it to be able to keep up with her brother's TRX90! I bought it stock, but I've order a CDI to increase the rev limiter and a Big Gun exhaust. So, I have a few questions. First, in connection with a K&N or Moose air filter, I was planning to open the airbox by simply drilling several holes or perhaps cutting the top. Any suggestions or things NOT to do with the airbox? Second, once I do these mods, what would be the proper jetting for the pilot and the main? Would I even have to swap out the pilot? Would I have to adjust the needle? Any any all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks any happy new year. -Pete
  2. Forgot to mention - the bike is a 2005 and I've done only the followng mods: Took out the exhaust baffle and removed the inlet on top of the airbox. Jetting info Main: 132 - Part # 99113-GHB-1320 Pilot: stock 42 Needle: Honda Power-up kit part #16012-KPS-921 (clip in middle position) Pilot screw: Stock Standard Float level
  3. Hi all. About two weeks ago I uncorked and rejetted my CRF230. Today was the first day I had a chance to ride it, and it won't hold an idle unless I leave the choke half closed. It also doesn't like high RPMs. Any possible causes?
  4. Hi. My son has a KDX70. It is very cold-blooded and the pilot jet gets clogged very easily. Is it possible to re-jet these things and maybe open up the air intake and exhaust? Not necessarily for more power, but to make it run better? If so, any suggestions on jetting, air intake intake and exhaust?
  5. Smiley Pete

    CRF150R vs. CRF230

    Picked up a lightly used bone stock '05 CRF230 yesterday and rode it today. I think it was a great choice. Thanks for the suggestions:thumbsup:
  6. Smiley Pete

    CRF150R vs. CRF230

    I'm an old fat guy, 5'7", and I'm buying a bike for myself to ride with my kids. Mostly trail riding with a mix of small jumps out in the pasture. I like a small bike (I had a CRF250X a couple of years ago, and I don't want something that tall). I leaning towards a CRF150R (expert). Its small, short wheelbase , and fairly powerful. But I was at the Honda dealer today and sat on the 230. That was a good size as well. So I'm looking for a comparison between the two. I think I'm really looking for imput on the 230. I'm not sure I understand exactly what that bike is supposed to be. A watered-down 250X? Any input would be appreciated.
  7. Hi. My son has an '08 DRZ70 with low hours. It started running very rough (almost unridable). It smooths out nicely if I put the choke on. The plug looks good. I took the carb off the bike and cleaned it the best I could (I couldn't split the carb, but I sprayed cleaner into all openings), but it didn't help at all. We don't ride as much as we'd like, so the bike will sit for a few weeks at a time. I guess my next steps are to replace the plug and perhaps drain the gas tank and put new gas in it. Any other suggestions or possible problems? Could it be something electrical? (I suspect not, because if it was electrical then it would probably run poorly regardless of whether the choke was on or not, right?).
  8. Smiley Pete

    Need recommendation for a 50cc dirt bike for my 6 year oild

    I'm a firm believer that you should not buy a "big" bike thinking that your kid will grow into it. Buy a bike that's the correct size for him. If it's his first bike, make sure he can put both feet on the ground and that it's not too powerful. You can pick up a used PW50 or KDX50 for $600 all day long. They are relatively light, easy to start, no clutch and a single gear. Keep it for a year and then sell it for the same price you paid for it. Then look at at a CRF50 or DRZ70. The PW50 is a two stroke. Two strokes, as a general matter, have less tourque at low RPM, so the rider needs to work the shifter more to keep it at higher RPMs. For a beginning rider, the lack of tourque is not really an issue unless your kid will ride up a lot of steep inclines. My son started riding at 6, and we started him out on a KDX50 (essentially the same thing as a PW50). It was the perfect beginner's bike. He rode that for a year, and then we moved him up to a DRZ70, which he still rides today. We selected the DRZ because it has electric start, no clutch and 3 gears. By next season he'll be ready for something bigger or maybe a quad. The KDX we purchased new, but only because my son has three younger siblings and so I know I'll have it for another 6 years or more. Otherwise, all my kids' bikes would be used because they outgrow in them in 1 to 2 years. Good luck.
  9. Smiley Pete

    Upgrades for DRZ70

    The shifter lever on my son's DRZ70 bends way too easily. Are there any decent aftermarket levers for these bikes?
  10. Smiley Pete

    Building a Track

    We have a good size property and I'd like to build a track for my son and some of his friends. Nothing too radical (he's only 7), but some basic whoops, tables, etc. My riding experience is mostly on a road racing track and a little bit of trail riding, so I really don't know much about an MX track. Is this something I can do myself? I have a tractor with a loader, if that helps. Are there any contractors who will do something like this (I'm in Maryland)?
  11. Smiley Pete

    Looking for a TT-R90E

    Hi. I'm looking for a TT-R90 with electric start for my son. I'd like to find something really clean that hasn't been raced. Completely stock preferred. I live in northeastern Maryland (Cecil County). Thanks.
  12. Smiley Pete

    do they make pink plastic for a 04 jr 50?

    Hey Meany. Did you have any luck finding pink plastics? I'm in the same boat with my son's (soon to be his sister's) KDX50.
  13. Smiley Pete

    Do they make white or pink plastics for the JR50?

    Hey Mtnman - Were you able to find any pink plastics? Santa's bringing my son a DR-Z70, so his little sister will be inheriting his KDX50. She will flip out if it has pink plastic.
  14. Smiley Pete

    Just how bad is the "valve" issue?

    Earlier today I decided to seriously look for a new leftover '05 CRF250X to replace my KDX220 (my first smoker - I can't get used to it). But after browsing this forum and seeing all of the discussions about bad valves, I'm having second thoughts. How common is the problem? I used to have an '85 XR250 that was bulletproof with almost no maintenance. I really don't want to buy a bike that needs constant attention.