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  1. troyss

    showa fork help

    While attempting to service my forks I noticed the damper assembly had no pressure as the piston did not rebound. I assume the seal in the assembly was bad and attempted to replace it. I removed the nut, valve and shims to get to the bushing were the seal is located. There is a circlip, washer then the seal. I took me an hour at least to remove the circlip and seal, it was a hack job. What are the tricks to replacing this seal without hacking things up. Thanks for your help!
  2. troyss

    Broken e-start is driving me crazy

    I had starter problems a while back. I discovered my timing was off one tooth. It was after a valve job and I ran it that way for a few months before I figured it out. I burned out my starter I bought a new battery and broke it to. Strangely enough after I fixed the timing I went back to my original battery that I'm still running over 400 hours on it. When my bike is cold I always help the starter by kicking at the same time i hit the button.
  3. troyss

    collarbone surgery

    "periosteal stripping" how has this been done? excessive screws? please elaborate thank you
  4. troyss

    collarbone surgery

    those are not very good angle in those pictures. i had surgery yesterday morning, whoa, i forgot how much fun that was:cry: should i take it easy till my next appointment? Again, advice post op rehab thanks
  5. troyss

    collarbone surgery

    I had a shoulder grinding get off last saturday. I knew I had broken my collarbone. The doc refered me to a specialist on Monday and He agreed surgery is in order and I'm going in on Friday morning. I asked the Doc about the hardware he will use and he said precontoured titanium. I've searched the topic hear and learned that is what Dr. Sanders recommends so that is a relief to me. Dr. Sanders or others I would appreciate all the tips or a PT schedule to get me back to work and riding as asap Thank you very much, Troy
  6. troyss

    One of the dangers when hualing *** on a sinlge track

    one way loops would be cool. Too bad its not practical.
  7. troyss

    How many Miles/km has your X done ?

    2005 with 303 hrs. estimated mph average 18.5 = 5,605 miles replaced piston twice one valve job out of necessity (new stainless steel valves) fried my starter because after that I had my timing off and it was hard to start second valve job - valves were fine but I lapped them since I had it apart. Original battery still. although I maintain my bike well, I rate this bikes reliability extremely high. I've been thinking about a new bike but I ask myself "why" because I honestly don't want anything else. It just runs and performs so awesome everywhere I go.
  8. troyss

    CRF450X Oil Consumption--Still no clear answer!

    I know I'm late to the show here but I was having a similar problem burning aprox 200 cc per ride (50-75 mile range) after my last top end (3rd time). It was so bad I was concerned I'd need to add oil in the race pit. Previously I never burned oil. after 4 or 5 rides the problem corrected. I dont notice burning any oil now. I assume the rings had not sealed.
  9. troyss

    Rear Tires

    Changing a tire is one of the most essential skills for an offroader to know. Pay someone to change it for you? I know, I have friends that do, but I still don't get it. What do you do when you get a flat on the trail. Not a problem if you have the skill to do it. It ruins the day other wise. I guess I'm just old school and actually enjoy working on my bike. Just wanted to encourage those who havent done it before to give it a try. Its not that tough with practice.
  10. troyss

    Idaho City race was perfect

    "anyone have a link for pict" www.kinetixphoto.com
  11. troyss

    Idaho City race was perfect

    anyone know were to find the results?
  12. troyss

    Idaho City race was perfect

    Yes, everything was excellent from the dirt to the course and weather. I thought the 3 in a row special tests was real cool, great challenge, I liked it Plus everyone on my minute finished. I raced on Sat only how were things today? Did it rain last night up there? Thanks Boise Ridge Ridges! Look forward to next year. Keep up the good work.
  13. troyss

    has anyone ridden Idaho City yet

    I went on Tuesday, although I did 40 miles it seemed there was impassable snow at almost every turn. Plus the prescribed burns in areas were quite unpleasant.
  14. troyss

    New tires Maxxis..

    I used to run dunlop 756. I felt they were good for a few rides but wore out to quickly Tried maxis it rear, scorpion pro front with great results. Right now I'm running mt16 / scorpion pro and its my best setup to date.
  15. troyss

    Looking around for...

    excuse my ignorance, but why do you want a stronger sprocket guard? For what purpose? I took mine off and just run a case saver. In my experience the guard acts as a mud trap.