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  1. yamaharider367

    I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

    you would be very surprised how fast you can go threw gear when you used to ride about 3 days a week in your backyard and the again over the weekend at the tracks. my boots are so ripped i almost feel the peg on my foot. my helmet liner has holes in it and is rotten, everything has seen better days hahaha. as for my actually gear the jerseys always stay okay but my pants all have holes from gripping the bike so hard with my old braces. also anyone post links to good websites that have gear.
  2. yamaharider367

    I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

    well I know I am not very well known across the broad but i need some help. I quit riding for about a yr and just got back into it. I picked up a 2008 kx450f and im surprised of how good i did on my first ride back, but i was not expecting the amount of pain i was gonna have to deal with the next day. I have never been this sore ever. well this is where i need some help. all my gear is 4-7 years old and its time for some new gear. I really need knee braces but have no idea whats out there and my price range is no more then $300 for the pair. I also I dont know it i should go with tech 10's or a different brand like the SG10. So if you guys can help me out, and point out the best gear for the buck I would really appreciate it. btw sorry for typing like a 3rd grader i did this off my iphone. Also I have $900 to spend total. And just to share a little from my first ride back in a year:
  3. yamaharider367

    A Lap Around Monroe MX

    my bad, fixed that. Ive been there since they reversed it but not with that new middle section.
  4. yamaharider367

    A Lap Around Monroe MX

    I miss that track, used to be my home track rode all the time. Never go anymore since the bike has been gone.
  5. yamaharider367

    2010 crf450 a POS?

    I've had the same problem with my old ktm. Had my mod 2008 250sxf with about 7-8k into it and then my bone stock 2009 250sxf(revalved suspension) and felt way better on it. I learned early on that only things to do to my bikes now are triple clamps, suspension, exhaust(sometimes), and rear brake lever( i have a habit of bending the stock)and a couple of carb mods, other then that I leave it alone. I love my 2010 crf450 just did suspension and remapped and left it alone. I do love the riders that come to the tracks with bikes completely modded every little thing and can't back it up.
  6. yamaharider367

    What would u pay for a pro race bike??

    I owned a Pros bike before, it was a 2005 yz250f. That bike was so sick but the motor gave out after 2 months and replaced it with a stock motor that the original "team" shipped to me. But the suspension was amazing, the suspension on those bikes will save your a$$. Now I ride a 2008 250sxf with $1400 suspension work and its still not close to what my yamaha had. but not gonna lie the motor on the ktm would out pull my yzf. Buy a pro bike if you have the chance their amazing bikes and you will never be able to own a stock bike after that.
  7. yamaharider367

    Should I enter in beginner or C class?

    here a example to compare to me and my friend were both race(ed) C im on the Honda his on the Ktm
  8. yamaharider367

    Oh yeah... I forgot I had one of those!

    used it once on my 05 crf250 3 times on the crf450 and like 500,000,000 time on the 250sxf
  9. yamaharider367

    Roof of Africa videos..

    is just me or were all of them a gear high???
  10. yamaharider367

    Justin Barcia video.... holy crap

    Man justin pretty much live at MTF...lucky bastard:foul:
  11. yamaharider367

    Post your gear for 2010

    let me guess your a....a.......goon:lol:
  12. yamaharider367

    Post your gear for 2010

    2009 one industries and 2004 or 5 troy designs
  13. yamaharider367

    Nicest Rides on thumpertalk

    thanks guys alot of hours put into that car. heres a video of it on the dyno. Not just for looks.
  14. yamaharider367

    Nicest Rides on thumpertalk

    alloy metallic