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  1. Honda

    no spark,only can get a very little if i move on off switch back and forth real fast
  2. Honda

    need help on figureing how to get it to fire,has new coil and cdi box,checked all wires,found none broke,leaning toward the pulse genarator,but not sure on how to test it,please help before i pull my hair out
  3. where can i get some plastics and graphics for a 98 xr 100
  4. 05, what is that in mil or cc
  5. How Much Oil Does The Forks Hold When Replacing Seals,
  6. I had to take mine off and use the wire wheel on the bench grinder,worked great,just a little messy
  7. ill sell you a complete bike for 1500
  8. found one at midwest action cycles for 74 bucks,local shop wanted 115
  9. wre do i go to get a front rotor for an 05 450 online
  10. i just got a 98 to, it was hard to start at first,put in the pro circuit air fuel longer needle and the nology plug wire,helped alot,i just get the motor in the sweet spot,hold the throttle open just a crack and it fires on second kick cold or not,but it wont idle so its in shop, hope nothing serius
  11. in the waco area,i took it to the shop today, carb was all out of wack,running like crap
  12. need to set valves but have no manuel,whats the seq. and clearence
  13. cleaned jets,found no leaks by spraying carb cleaner aruond all joints,how do i check hot start,as far as i know the carb has never been apart untill me,so im not sure about the slide plate
  14. it wiil only start hot with the choke on and throttle cracked,when choke is off and ideling if you flog it hard and let off it dies,plug is snow white,still has stock jets,found no air leaks,brought needle up one clip,still throws fire out of the exh,any ideas,please
  15. got an 2003 450sx and the clucth chatters real bad when cold, gets a little better when warm,is this a common problem,any sugg.