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  1. CRF100biker

    am i the only one lol?

    i hose it down at the end of every riding day. this gets all the built up dirt/mud outta the way. then i clean and lube the chain and tend to whatever else needs doing. there isn't any dirt caked up on my bikes at all, just a dusty coating on most parts since most of my riding is in the sand. like others, i don't see the need to make it immaculate since i ride often.
  2. i learned this lesson and got off easily. i was at the bmx races and when i went to clear a double my front wheel came right off of the bike. i decided to loop out and came out okay. everything gets checked constantly for proper tightness now.
  3. CRF100biker

    Police Problem

    to add to what chokey said, even if there are "no pursuit" laws or laws of similar nature in order to protect the rider, who's to say the cop isn't a scumbag? think of it. you're in the middle of the woods, no witnesses, and the judge is going to believe the cop when he says "he was evading arrest after we signaled for him to stop for trespassing. he was riding wrecklessly and crashed his bike, hence why he is in the hospital" long before you say "the police officer forced me off my bike!". don't screw with the police, they'll always win. find a place to ride where you're allowed or will not be bothered by anyone.
  4. CRF100biker

    Financing 2012 yz250f, questions/info/advice

    the older and experienced people are going to tell you financing a dirt bike is a terrible idea. hell, financing any motorcycle isn't the best idea, but at least street bikes can have some practical use. you're only going to pay out the wazoo for a bike that is going to depreciate so fast it'll make your head spin. after it's all said and done you'll have lost about $10-12000 (guesstimates) on this bike. you're much better off buying used and paying out-right with cash. however, the only way to figure out your "chances" and the other numbers involved are to go to your creditor and ask them. only they will be able to give you accurate numbers for your situation.
  5. CRF100biker

    NEW Honda CR250 2-stoke rumors?

    honda will NEVER build a 2-stroke bike again. they were reluctant to even build 2-stroke motorcycles in the first place. the only reason they ever built one is they had no choice but. with modern 4-stroke technology that wasn't readily available back then, there is no going back for honda. about the newest honda cr you will find is a 2007 model or a service honda bike.
  6. CRF100biker

    Newbie Yamaha YZ400F help

    eh, then i get really lucky with my particular bike then. the only reason i keep it is because it is so trouble free. were it to have the typical 4-stroke troubles i'd have stopped riding it long ago and picked up a smoker. i know who dubach is, but i also think that if one were to use the stock settings laid out in the manual and have their bikes jetted correctly their bikes would be just as trouble free.
  7. CRF100biker

    Newbie Yamaha YZ400F help

    even giving it a quick twist before kicking causes kick back on my bike. it starts by at least the 4th kick when cold, usually the 2nd though. just the other day i was trying to start my bike in shoes (dumb idea people) and the kick back put a hole right through my shoe. i'm not sure what adjustments you've made to your bike. i'm using all the stock settings as laid out by the manual and the bike couldn't be any easier to live with. i made this username 7 years ago when i was around 12 years old. of course i wasn't riding a yz400f then (although i moved up to the 400 a year later when i was 13 years old) . you really think i'm riding a crf100 presently if i'm posting in the yz400f forum? and the factory service manual that yamaha included with the bike including instructions on how to tear the bike down to every nut and bolt if you so chose is useless? the engineers who put the information in that manual are making the big bucks for a reason. they really know what they're talking about. i'll always trust the people who designed and built the machine on what to do with it.
  8. CRF100biker

    Top speed of cfr150f

    slow. does it necessarily matter? a crf150 doesn't have the suspension to be ridden at a constant top speed over off-road terrain.
  9. CRF100biker

    Newbie Yamaha YZ400F help

    my user manual warns of flooding the engine if the throttle is used. my bike starts fine with no throttle. if i do twist the throttle to prime the engine the starter lever usually kicks back pretty violently at me.
  10. CRF100biker

    Newbie Yamaha YZ400F help

    for a cold start... make sure bike has gas and turn it on pull out the choke push on the kick starter until it stops due to engine compression pull the decompression lever and push the starter lever about 30 degrees down release the decompression lever and let the starter lever return to its resting position give it a good, swift whack! follow through completely with your kick and wear mx boots when starting your bike! i disagree with using throttle or having to use throttle to get the bike started easily. in fact, so does yamaha. the owners manual states not to use any throttle when starting the bike as it will flood the engien and increases the chance of the lever kicking back. if the bike is jetted properly then it should start easily under almost any conditions. i can get my manual decompression bike fired up faster than some riders on their auto decompression bikes.
  11. CRF100biker

    where are the raving supporters of 4t's?

    the only 4 stroke i've really loved so far is the 1998 yz400f i'm riding. the yz250f i had was nice, but the motor required constant attention that made it a PITA to keep up for what i wanted the bike to do. the 400 i'm currently on only requires air filter cleanings, oil changes, chain cleaning/lube/tightening, spokes be tightened and a nice bath as regular maintenance. i check the valves every so often, but they haven't budged at all since the bike rolled off the showroom floor. the bike NEVER fails to start, no matter how hot or cold it is because it is jetted perfectly. if the bike wasn't so trouble free i'd give it up simply due to its mass and get myself a smoker. however i've fallen in love with the instantaneous nature of this bike. i wish all 4 stroke bikes could be like this.
  12. CRF100biker

    Is a hydraulic clutch worth it?

    for $250? buy a gym membership and work out more. then buy more gas for the bike and ride more. that will help slow down the arm pump.
  13. CRF100biker

    what happened? carb issues for yz400f.

    i'll try replacing the pump diaphraghm. i'm not sure about holding the throttle to get it to run. it doesn't really run, just kinda coughs like it wants to for a second and then it stops. the bike never needed to have the throttle touched for it to start anyways. all the jets are completely clear. if i remember correctly the plate was only able to go one way when i installed it. i did not replace those seals, but then again i didn't take that apart. nor is it leaking any fuel from there.
  14. CRF100biker

    what happened? carb issues for yz400f.

    pilot screw is set to factory spec. i'm not sure how to set the idle speed and the manual doesn't tell me how either, except for when it's running, which doesn't help me since my bike doesn't run. the bike will cough as if it wants to fire, but never will fire. earlier i had a leak from the float bowl, so i decided to replace all the gaskets and o-rings in the carb. it still leaks out of the float bowl and it looks like some is coming out of the accel pump cover too. it's definitely the gaskets causing the leak as EVERYTHING else in the carb checks out. there's no reason (that i know of anyways) for this thing to be malfunctioning. i have no idea what i am doing wrong, i am simply doing what the factory manual tells me to do. is there a glue or bonding agent i am supposed to use for the gaskets/o-rings? i'd check my spark, only i don't have the tool to do it with this bike. anyone know what plug tool will fit in this bike?
  15. CRF100biker

    how much does your bike weigh?

    HEAVY. what's a '98 yz400f weigh? 260 wet?