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  1. campbek

    Need help jetting an 05 CRF450X

    hands down, the best bang for the buck is a Boysen Power Shot accelerator pump cover. No pops and no hesitation. The single best improvement you can do to the bike. I'd also follow the jetting suggestions from the guys above.
  2. campbek

    Aftermarket airfilters pointless?

    Thank you all!
  3. my mechanic discouraged me from spending $$ on a TwinFlow for my crf450x as he says the increase power would be negligable. can anyone speak to that? should i even consider an aftermarket air filter?
  4. campbek

    Perfomance mods for the 450x

    I'm already looking to supe up the 450x and looking for opinions on the following: 1. What's a great pipe for this bike? I live in CA and need to adhere to 96db and spark arrestor. 2. What's the the best jetting? 3. Any BTDT's on the Power Bomb header? Would be interested in people's take on these contraptions. 4. Are there any air filter upgrades yet? Is a K&N worthwhile and are they much more difficult to get in and out? Opinions on any of the above greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kevin