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  1. thats the plan
  2. I'll let you know as soon as my dad fixes it. it's out of my hands now. I'm just as . frustrated beyond belief . the bike mystery goes on. To be continued.............
  3. It has no compression but the exhaust it putting out air and the spark plug is dad thinks the timing may be off 180..who knows...I was a wreck for two days because we had big plans to go ride this weekend. My husband found a brand new bike for though, the 230...I love it though because it is way lighter and easier for me to manuever. I LOVE IT ...anyway you were helpful...I think the problem must be something else because when I tried to adjust the timing again I could barely move it.
  4. problem not solved...does not run...taking it to dad's house. BRIGHTSIDE= I got a brand new bike....
  5. you rock! thanks again...I called the yamaha service dept and they told me pretty much the same thing...thanks again....I'll let you know if it gets running again after I put it all back together.
  6. you're awesome I am off to try and get this thing put together...any suggestions on readjusting the timing?
  7. ooops I wrote compression when I meant timing.....big dumby
  8. does anyone have a picture or advice on ,how or what order, if any, the clutch friction plates have to go in on an 03 ttr225. desperate to ride this week and the manual will have to be ordered...don't have the time. Also what is the timing as well? please helpa girl out...
  9. first off my bike was hard to push while in neutral or with the clutch held. I tried to spin the back tire in neutral and it wouldn't turn. I removed the friction plates and the basket and hub spun fine and there was no apparetn damage to either the basket or hub and all the gears looked fine as well. When I first ook off the cover the springs and bolts smelled like a burnt clutch and the friction plates smelled too. I took them down to the shop for some advice since I have never dealt with a clutch before and was doingthis job myself he said if it was his bike and had it all torn apart he would probably go ahead and replace them becaue the black part (don't knowthe name) wasn't inthe greatest shape. SOOOOO I am impatiently waiting until tomorrow to get the part in and I am replacing my clutch cable as well because the metal part is you happen to know what the compression is on an 03 ttr 225? I plan on working on this until it is finished. thanks
  10. I did check the clutch and have new friction plates on the way...hoefully tomorrow. Yes the shavings were aluminum in the oil filter.
  11. will do....may be a couple of days though. this is a really cool sight...lots of info:)
  12. since it is all torn apart I'll giv ethat a try...why not I'm just sitting here with my skeleton df a bike waiting for parts:) thanks
  13. my daughter is 3 1/2 and we are planning on getting her the ttr 50 for xmas, with training wheels of course. She rides with me on this super old 74 honda and I let her do the gas and half steer.....she's a little speed demon...get your daughter a bike too or maybe let her try the one you're already planning on buying and see what she thinks... wish I had one when I was 3;)
  14. okay so don't know the correct terminology..anyway yeah the basket was fine and so was the gear behind it...and all the others for that matter. any idea about the knocking noise? I have the friction plates coming on their way so hopefully that is all...thanks
  15. okay so before the bike could hardly be pushed in neutral and I took the clutch rings out and the basket and hub spin fine and the piston moves like normal. jacked the bike up ( since I am by myself) and the back tire moves freely. so I went to the shop with rings to see what they thought and of course, being a girl, they acted like I was retarded... he said I should order new rings but they aren't chipped or bent..what do you guys think? could it just need adjustment for the high pitched sound I was having and maybe a valve adjustment for the knocking? the cylinder doesn't have any scaring and everything else looks good....please give me some advice:)