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  1. stev_329_b

    Weight removal on a 05 Wr250f

    I bought a 100W resistor from Mouser.com. Its sized at 100W to be able to take the power without needing a heat sink. I mounted mine to a small aluminum plate that bolts in place of the headlamp on the front number plate, it catches some cooling air as you ride. Just wire it to the headlamp wires. I've used it for 2 seasons now and it hasn't missed a beat. The part I used is:- http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Arcol/HS100-3R3-1/?qs=KGOAP45CXBK4nXhptaGbFg%3d%3d
  2. stev_329_b

    CRF450 sag setting for ice racing

    I hadn't heard that rule before. Sounds like a good starting point. Thanks
  3. Anyone have suggestions for what sag setting to use for ice racing on a CRF450 set 4" lower than stock?
  4. stev_329_b

    Weight removal on a 05 Wr250f

    Note if you do decide to remove the headlight, you will need the resistor... or modify wiring to regulator. Its not a connector sealing issue. The regulator overheats if you remove the headlight and results in misfiring problems or fried regulator. I learned this the hard way on an 07 WR250F after smashing the headlight into hundreds of tiny pieces when a tree jumped out in front of me. I was too tight to replace the headlight but the bike started misfiring which I eventually traced to regulator voltage dropping to 6V at mid speed ranges. I rigged up a load across the battery (equivalent to a headlight) and problem went away.
  5. stev_329_b

    wr250 engine dies in mud hole

    Sounds like a plan to try. Just need to wait for my favorite mud hole to thaw out to test. I found a couple of threads that tell you not to route to the air filter box due to air pressure imbalance - any experience with issues here?
  6. stev_329_b

    wr250 engine dies in mud hole

    That should work. There are 4 vent lines and 1 overflow line for the carb that hang out the bottom of the bike.... any thoughts on which may be causing the problem? Is this a common problem?? I hadnt come across it before.
  7. I'm intersted if you guys have any theories / ideas on the following. I have an 07 Yam WR250F, it has the GYTR unplugging kit, cut grey wire etc, Rekluse pro clutch. It runs well normally but a few weeks ago I launched it into a bottomless mud hole. Bike went in up to the axles, sitting on the skid plate. The engine spluttered and died and struggled to retart, running rough. We drug it out the hole and it ran just fine again. A couple of weeks later, same mud hole (no excuses hear!). This time I was riding alone and spent more time in the hole, the motor coughed, sluttered and died again and evntually locked up solid. I got a tow back to the pits and pulled the plug and pumped out a bunch of gas.... it was gas locked. Note the bike wasnt dumped on its side etc. My only theory is that the mud plugged some or all of the carb vent lines preventing float needle from seating, floading the bike. Any ideas? Anyone seen the same problem. What is a good solution? Thanks Steve
  8. stev_329_b

    yzf fallen into a river

    You probably need to clean out the carb, pilot jet is likely plugged with sand etc. Take the carb off and clean it out, take out the jets and blow them clean.
  9. stev_329_b

    91 DR650S exhaust

    Thanks for the info. The sales rep from Supertrapp says only the mounting brackets are different between 06 and 91. Anyone know how different they are? Maybe just need to weld on a small bracket?
  10. stev_329_b

    91 DR650S exhaust

    I'm looking for an aftermarket exhaust for a 91 DR650S, need more power, more noise. Any suggestions? I havent found anything for a 91, most seem to fit 96 on only. Thanks 91 DR650S 87 XR250R