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  1. motozoos

    06 250x valve question

    do yourself a favor and buy the kibblewhite stainless intake valve kit, the stock valve seats are to hard for the softer ti valves and the edges peen over really fast once they get to a certain point, I have done quite a few of these and they all do the same exact thing on the intake side, trust me once you spend the $150 they will never go out of spec again!
  2. motozoos

    wr250f flywheel

    the new yz-wr cranks are the same, I put in the newer stronger 03-11 crank but because the new crank flywheel taper is bigger the old 02-wr flywheel wont fit, and in 03 the wr's have electric start so the stator is mounted in the flywheel cover the whole setup is different, It doesnt appear that the 03-newer yz flywheels would fit over my 02-wr stator it looks to be bigger in diameter and not having one to try I wondered if anyone else has tryed it yet?
  3. motozoos

    wr250f flywheel

  4. motozoos

    wr250f flywheel

    I just put in a new 03 crank in my 02wr250f anybody know if the 03 and newer flywheels will fit over the 02wr250f stator I know the flywheel taper is different but havent bought the new flywheel yet debating if I need to buy an 03 and newer yz stator and heavy flywheel?
  5. motozoos

    Mid-Stroke harshness 2011 CRF

    tighten up the mid to .20 float with .48kg fork springs it makes a big diff
  6. plates and fibers are the same, the six spring is definetly the way to go I have the Wiseco 6 spring kit setup it was a little less expensive and wears just as good if not a little better than the Hinson stuff
  7. motozoos

    2011 Yamaha Yz 450 JGRMX revalve?

    hey brother send me your suspension I will revalve it for half that price with a 30 day satisfaction revalve guarantee!! with help from TT you can do it yourself!
  8. Ask any fireman if a screen blocks airflow during ventilation, its proven they impede airflow by 50%
  9. motozoos

    dunlops with yellow lettering?

    they are actually a dry rubber transfer decal I used to change tires for dunlop sponsored GNCC pro's and dunlop gave these to us to be installed on sponsored riders tires, thats the only way to get them that I know of!
  10. They do work nice, it makes the initial shock travel smooth and buttery feeling
  11. motozoos

    Loudmouth Air Filters

    I can order the Loudmouth systems for all my Thumpertalk brothers just let me know what year make and model you need, they are the best deal going I cant believe the factory bikes havent started to use the same style system.
  12. motozoos

    servicing a 2010 honda crf 250 shock

    Put the shock in a vice upside down use a t-handle...handle end thru both holes in the clevis bolt holes gently tap the t-handle while pulling gently, you may have an edge on your circlip groove if so the piston band will need replaced if its grooved up
  13. Call mb1 they can get it the same day they are down the street from american showa
  14. This check valve is in one of PC 16mm shock shafts off a pro's works KX250 very cool little machined work of art!
  15. motozoos

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Dogger I wasnt insinuating ripping off or posting anyones work, refining setting and sharing what works for a particular rider weight and speed are what this website is and has been all about! I know from servicing suspension for 20yrs from pros to average joes that its a very minute shim shuffle in most cases. I have come up with a good baseline just to damn cold in Ohio to test it!!