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  1. dozerdawg

    Did they put the G.O.A.T out to pasture!!!!

    it was sick we rode with the whole group all day .emig ,stanton are still real smooth .ricky wasn't that big,as people are making him out to be.theres pix of me and ricky colliding in a corner on mxptv.com. dont hate dude because you werent there . if anyone has any qestions lmk know .plus u get so much free sh*t from everyone there .damn i had a good time
  2. dozerdawg

    Did they put the G.O.A.T out to pasture!!!!

    i spent the entire day monday riding with ricky,emig and stanton and theses guys are the coolest ricky is still blazing fast there is no doubt about it and my opinion is just like any realistic persons he worked hs but off for many yrs and hes just enjoying life . finally getting to eat freely . the coolest dude i ever met .he thought it was funny when our lines collided and i alost took hi out .damn he is fast
  3. just found a used 04 kx250f .but the kid says it does not run.he explained the morning of the race .it was hard to start and he had to pop start it.and when he stalled it ,it would not restart .he tells me over the phone that it fells like it has low compression .he want 1500.00 for it going to look @ it friday .what should i look for . should i pull the head off and inspect the valves and cam .? please help .how much would it cost to rebuild it in parts ?
  4. dozerdawg

    Pro circuit quiet tip......

    hey check this out i was just on fmf website and if you go under exhuast and then parts then tips and inserts they just released the same fmf tip that says new longer ama quite tip .although keep in mind when you are riding these things really do not lower the decibels that much but they look sweet .later dude
  5. dozerdawg

    Pro circuit quiet tip......

    here is the number to pc . call them and they will confirm what i have to say. i ordered mine this morning ..good luck with your project bike .sounds pretty cool .1-951-738-8050
  6. dozerdawg

    Pro circuit quiet tip......

    hey whats up i have been a member for quite some time .this is the first time i have ever replied to anything ,i called pro circuit and you can buy them tips for 99.00 ..you do not have to be a pro or anything ..they look sweet ...im gonna order one soon