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  1. evm7494

    rear wheel

    Hey im looking for a rear wheel i dont need the disc brake or tha sroket just the wheel thx please reply:excuseme:
  2. evm7494

    dead yz250f?

    I have a 01 yzf250 after you get the hang of it its real simply just do what he says it works i love my bike:ride:
  3. evm7494

    starting the YZ250F

    I just got a 2001yz250f also i rode this weekend i had a hell of a time trying to start it where is the fuel srew at and also how can you tell when the kick start is at tdc.Im also new on fourstrokes thx
  4. Thank you the top end has been done so they say new valve's and springs have been done 6mounts ago
  5. I also have a problem its a2001yz250f it is hard to start also the guy i bought it from said tokcik it half throttle also said not to try kicking with shoes on thats hard on youre footbut my question is are that hard too start this is my first four stroke i hope i didnt get rip off
  6. evm7494

    2001 yamaha yz250f

    thank you no it hasnt been raced just riding. hes says he selling it because he's buying a house and has kids has no time to ride
  7. evm7494

    2001 yamaha yz250f

    ok thks im new at this thank you but what do you think about the bike
  8. evm7494

    2001 yamaha yz250f

    2001 yz250f great bike but top end has been done 6 mounts ago also needs a cluch basket and clutches is this bike worth looking at he was asking 2000.00 but im getting it for 1850.0 what do you think about this bike and what should i look for thank you ed
  9. evm7494

    2001 yamaha yz250f

    I want to buy a yz250f 2001 for 1850.00 top end has been done about 6 mounts ago great looking bike but it needs a clutch basket and clutches he was asking 2000.00 is there any thing i should look for before i buy the bike please help me thank you ed.