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  1. I've got an 01 426 and havent checked the valves on it either. There isnt one symptom of any motor problems on my steed.
  2. 450 shootout Kawi 1st Yami 2nd Hon\ Tied Suz/ KTM 5th Pretty good article. (I kinda like the "nervous" front end of one of the bikes. "
  3. Cool vid, bad song. Just kidding. Here in the Congo we have alot of raves. We lick some frogs and get out our glow sticks.
  4. I'm suprised the glowing header thread got this many replies.
  5. I had a 2003 and that truck was awesome, it could do anything. Wish I had picks but I went through 60 feet of two track with water coming over the hood when I went in. I thought I was screwed but it plowed right threw it. When I sold it there wasnt a rattle with 70k on it. Awesome truck. Dig those stock BF Goodrich AT's. Its good to see you use it for what its made for.
  6. THAT LOOKS AWESOME. That was fun, what a great ride.
  7. Nevada Nuclear test site http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c110/MichiganMXer/nevada.jpg
  8. Try stock first. It might run great.
  9. Is that FedEX?
  10. How much is shipping?
  11. No, it cant be done.
  12. LOL thats funny. Say that when it becomes a rattle trap and the tires fall of the rims.
  13. American I love hearing about the foreign vehicles with 200k and no problems. What a bunch of crap. They never admit if they have any problems because it sits better with their conscience. I've owned foreign and it was a piece of *hit. Bought a honda accord off of a friend and it was a POS. Never again. American cars have treated me great and I can sleep good at night.