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  1. Ghost9

    youtube accounts

    http://www.youtube.com/mxghost9 mostly go pro videos
  2. Ghost9

    Sickest 2010 crf250r Ive done!

    Can I have the link as well? I need some trim graphics.
  3. Ghost9

    GoPro HD New mount

    Its mounted to my thor sentenial chest protector with just one of the regular helmet mounts:ride:
  4. Decided to try a new mount the other weekend. What do you think?
  5. What website did you order your trim kit? I have been looking for those forever!
  6. Ghost9

    Wow Check This out!

    I don't know what races you are going to. I have been to Seattle supercross every year its been back since the Kingdome, Vegas a couple of times, and countless Washougal nationals races I never once heard anyone yelling that at him.
  7. Ghost9

    Wow Check This out!

    Could not have said it better myself.
  8. Ghost9

    Wow Check This out!

    I just watched it and ablsolutely HATE how they made it into a race thing. They can't just focus on his racing, they have to focus on how hes black and how when he grew up "whitey" keeped him down. But what else can I expect, it what happens all the time now.
  9. DeVol Engineering Presents: 2007 Top Gun Motocross Team Shootout Washougal MX Park - Washougal, WA. Sept. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 2007 Open Practice: Friday - August 31st - $25.00 - 10am-3pm $15,000.00 PRO PURSE 125 Pro/250 Pro/Unlimited Pro classes - paid per moto finish. 3 moto format For more details on the Top Gun event @ Washougal MX Park go to : Devolracing.com
  10. Ghost9

    P.R.O. Northwest National

    ya I've been waiting so long for the series to start. Picked up my 07 in Dec. Then I had a spinal contusion with some damage done to the discs on the 3rd ride. So i'll be out there getting some footage for some videos, until i'm able to ride again.
  11. Ghost9

    P.R.O. Northwest National

    For more information go to www.devolracing.com
  12. Ghost9

    Cleanest Bike!

    Cmon now jaycycle, I know there is no way just a power washer would get a bike looking that nice. It looks better than my 07 did right from the dealer
  13. Ghost9

    Cleanest Bike!

    JayCycle what do you use product wise to clean your bike:excuseme: . Obviously you power-washing it. Just picked up my 07 yz250f and hoping to keep it as clean as possible.
  14. Ghost9

    which yzf?

    Depends on your weight and riding style
  15. Ghost9

    Love this RC pic!

    I guess you can say hes riding on the edge.