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  1. RideRedForLife

    Question about...

    I am planning on taking the kids out for Mem weekend. I live in Vegas and want to get out of town for the cooler weather. Any idea's? Dont want to travel too far with the whole gas price thing and the 5mpg motorhome.
  2. RideRedForLife

    CRF 450 horror stories?

    I have an 03 CRF 450R that has been the best bike since day one. Maintenence is done on the bike after every ride. Not one problem other then they require gas and a rear tire every now and then.
  3. RideRedForLife

    BITD Henderson 400 12/2/06

    We compete in the BITD series in a truck. I will testify to it being one of the most organized professional organizations.
  4. RideRedForLife

    What is the perfect "DAD" bike for my dad

    My Dad is kind f in the same situation as yours. He is now 54. I bought him a crf250. Sure it dont have the electric start but it's a great bike all around. He has bad knees. He has done construction all his life.
  5. RideRedForLife

    chest protectors??

    I lost a spleen from not wearing one. The bike landed on my back and broke 6 ribs.
  6. RideRedForLife

    longest lasting 2stroke?

    I have a stock 02 Cr 250 that is plain Jane stock and has never had a seal cracked on it. Gas and often oil changes.
  7. RideRedForLife

    Look What Av Gas Did to My Motor!!!!!

    Damn. It turned it into a a blue Yami.
  8. RideRedForLife

    Reed ----> honda rider

    At least Reed has the balls to do that and doesnt bone out when a better rider comes along (RC)...
  9. RideRedForLife

    who should pay for it? me or him?

    Dont give him a dime. I dont know of anybody who has never broke or damaged anything on their bikes. I think it's kinda chickensh!t for him to even ask...
  10. RideRedForLife

    Which One???

    I agree a little steep there.
  11. RideRedForLife

    How Important is a chest protector

    I went out for a quick ride without one. Got a heli ride to the hospital clinging to life. Broke 6 ribs, puctured a lung, exploded a spleen, with tons of internal bleeding. Never again. It makes you really open your eyes especially when you have 2 kids depending on you to go to work so they have a house over their head. Now both kids ride. Dont do more then 10-15 mph but they have to wear it everytime. So for a little extra sweat it's 100% worth it.
  12. RideRedForLife

    applying graphics kit?

    That's the way I did it and it looks great. No bubbles at all.
  13. RideRedForLife

    Chad Reed not on Yamaha??

    Everybody knocks Reed for being the 3rd fastest rider. I don't think I would have any problem with that.
  14. RideRedForLife

    Has Rc given Reed enough respect

    Why does every RC fan knock other riders. I do believe we are tied in the points and that with RC getting caught for CHEATING then crying like a baby to get his points back. Championships are not always won by the guy who wins the most races but by the guy who uses his head more.