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  1. motoboy715

    I hate to keep this negative press going, but list-->

    There was definitely a problem with the 05 and 06 cranks, and it more then just 5 or 6. At 25 hours my crank failed on my 06, this is not due to dirty screens or any oiling issues, it is just some rods went out that were bad. wether they were out of spec or had inproper heat treating I don't know. but I rebuilt my bike and it's been great since. Suzuki should pay for the repairs for people who had early failure. I fought with suzuki for weeks and they finely agreed to pay me a lousy $300! before my zuk I rode yamahas and had amazing reliabilty. I do love the way my suzuki works though the quality is not great, it is a super fun bike to ride! I hope they have fixed this problem, because I plan to get an 08 when they come out. lets just face it, there not the best built bike out there, but they are one of the funnest bikes to to ride! 715
  2. motoboy715

    Throttle Cable Housing Position

    Loosen the 2 philips screws and rotate the housing back more it it makes you happy.... but it doesn't matter.....&%$#@!
  3. motoboy715

    motor mods

    The best bang for the buck is: a Crower cam (I like the G2 grind) and a 13 to 1 piston. if your chain broke then you need to do the valves too. do a little head work while your in there and it will be more the enough power!
  4. motoboy715

    Turning in sand?

    when I run on sand tracks my setup is very different the my typical mx setup. because the zuks turn so quickly this hurts you in the sand, it will want to knife in. so drop your forks flush with the fork tubes. I also run my forks stiffer, about 3to 4 clicks,. this helps keep it up in the stroke and keeps it from bottom on braking bumps that sand tracks develep. and then I soften my shock just a tick, maybe 1 or 2 clicks. this helps keep it stable and just seems to allow me to ride sand super agressive, this setup sounds crazy, but it works and makes riding suzuki in the sand super fun!! go out and try it, but you have to be agressive to make it work. good luck, 715
  5. motoboy715

    Removing the slider from fork guard...?

    I took mine off when I first bought my bike. Dirt get in there and can cause binding. never been a problem. 715
  6. motoboy715

    cleaning the air filter

    you can buy it at most hardware stores and OSH has it too. also kerosene is very inexpensive. 715
  7. motoboy715

    cleaning the air filter

    I've been using kerosene for years now, and it works great. just put some kerosene in a small bucket, dip the filter in it, rinse with soapy water, then rinse with clean water to get the soap out. you can leave the kerosene in the bucket and use it over and over. the kerosene is easy on the filter and they come out very clean.
  8. motoboy715

    whats the story with sdg seats?

    Dude whats the story with my rotors that I paid for 2 months ago?? I've sent you emails and you have not replied to one!! are you going to send them...refund my money. are what, just rip me off! let me know what your intentions are. I've been very patient, but i guess it come to this, sorry guys
  9. motoboy715

    50T thumbs up :)

    I run a 51t sprocket on tight tracks and it works great! I was able to use the stock chain length too. if I go to more outdoor style tracks though I will put my 50t back on. 715
  10. motoboy715

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    I would have someone who's know what he doing take a look at it. It usually pretty obvious if it loose, but if your not sure just have a local shop look at it. they should look at it for free if you bring in your motor with your top-end off. if you need a rod and crank I would go with OEM. I used a OEM crank kit (crank and rod assembled) it cheaper and faster. Like I've said I feel that there is no problem with Suzuki's rod, bearing, crank, or oiling system, they have a quality control issue I think some rods or bearing that were out of spec went out in some bike. I got on of those bikes myself, and replaced the crank and rod with OEM and have not had any problems since then. I talked to several top mechanics on some top teams and they all use OEM cranks with no problems. a few of use got screwed, but I think most guys got great bike. good luck, 715
  11. motoboy715

    Vented Number Plates

    you can get gutter screen form home depot or OSH that looks good, the best glue to use is goop, it a pliable glue with silicon like properties, just a lot stronger. epoxy is not a good adhesive for plastic. 715
  12. motoboy715

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    how much time on the motor??
  13. motoboy715

    STM Polymer Clutch Cover

    I just saw this on a bike last weekend, looks pretty trick, and for the RMZ it would be great way to keep on eye on the oil level. little pricey though. 715
  14. motoboy715

    Anyone running a 50t sprocket and a pipe ??

    hey, if anyone wants a 50t ironman sprocket, I've got one brand new still in the wrapping. I'll sell it for $60 it retails for $100. I'm in the bay area or I can ship it too.
  15. motoboy715

    Another Sag Question

    I'm not sure why you think the stock spring is good for your weight, but the stock shock spring is way over sprung for what springs they put in the forks. at your weight you need a much lighter shock spring, and the forks may work for you if your an aggressive rider. 715