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  1. GYS CRF450 ZA

    How many people here have had a PCL reconstruction???

    It's been 10 months after my PCL surgery. I started riding bicycle about 5 months after the op, and very much eased my way into dirtbiking around 8/9 months after the op. I did my first race on saturday, which was a long and pretty demanding enduro. My leg is absolutely fine. I still need another 4/5 inches of flex for my heel to touch my ass, but it's slowly getting there. My knee is as stable as it was before, and I'm glad that I had the op done. It was a long and hard recovery, but worth it.
  2. GYS CRF450 ZA

    How many people here have had a PCL reconstruction???

    The problem is that an unstable knee can cause osteo-arthritis in the knee. It might be fine for now, but what about 15/20 years down the line? Then you might be sitting with worn out cartillage, and maybe a knee replacement? I'm totally out of my depth, and I'm not making any suggestions. It's just the conclusion I came to after having spoken to various experts.
  3. GYS CRF450 ZA

    neck/knee braces for motocross

    It's now 8 days after my knee surgery. PCL (ligament at the back of the knee, preventing the lower leg from shifting backwards) snapped after hitting a big fat cow at around 50mph. The cow is dead, I'm alive. I wore evs web kneebraces (my second ride with it), and a leatt. I T-boned the cow good and proper. The bike and cow lay next to each other. I owe my life to the fact the I was standing/crouching when I hit it, escaping chest injuries. I probably owe my lack of a neck injury to the leatt brace, as I would've had at least some whiplash, but instead just ended up with a bit of muscle stiffness in my neck. My right knee hit the cow on the rump, snapping it backwards. I'm sure the web knee brace mitigated the injury, as no other ligaments were torn, despite the massive blow, that even broke the patella cup on the brace. The knee braces saved my left knee without a doubt, period. I have no tibia or femur fracture to sport either. Only after taking off my kit did I discover that the inside bracket of the left brace was broken. I had some bruising on the outside fleshy part of my lower leg, and on the outer part of my knee where the brace rests. Not even the slightest tenderness in the knee! You should see the burn marks on the brace as it rubbed against the inside of my pants. The patella cup was also cracked open. I was told by the evs importer here that these specific braces were designed with "crumple zones" to avoid fractures caused by excessive load displacement. I was told this when discussing the claims I read on this forum that braces cause fractures. A generalization of "all knee braces are bad and cause fractures" is total BS and a sign of ignorance or other agendas. Even within the evs range, the vision brace at the bottom range, can in no way be compared to the webs. I previously had evs RS7 braces, which is their second best one, and although it would've helped, I'm sure my injuries would've been significantly more severe, as it is much more flexible than the all carbon fibre webs. I'm a believer. I won't ride without my leatt or the webs when I get back on the bike again.
  4. GYS CRF450 ZA

    How many people here have had a PCL reconstruction???

    that explains the rebinding, but how does it retighten?
  5. GYS CRF450 ZA

    How many people here have had a PCL reconstruction???

    my knee was very unstable and shifted back 20mm or so. The ortho surgeon said that the then halved pcl will probably form a bond again, but in an elongated position, not curing the instability, and causing misallignment in the joint, and subsequent deterioration of the cartllage. It made sense to me and a second ortho that fixed the same injury with a friend of mine 5 years back said the same thing when I went for a second opinion. Iam absolutely no expert and you of course are. Please help me to understand how the pcl retightens itself and the acl not, when seemingly they are anatomically so similar? Is the difference in location the decider? Thanks for your reply earlier!
  6. GYS CRF450 ZA

    How many people here have had a PCL reconstruction???

    Not many indeed! I had to sift through 19 pages of post headings to see the first thing about PCL reconstruction. I just had mine done here in SA 5 days ago. I T-boned a big fat cow (literally) at more than 50mph. 3rd degree pcl tear as reward. Locals ate the cow. Dr Mark, how does the pcl repair itself? Specicific rehab early? Now that I've had the op done, how similar is the rehab to acl's?
  7. GYS CRF450 ZA

    Best knee pads?

    I just ordered my EVS web braces after wearing and loving my RS7's for 2 years. I know of a couple of times that the RS7's saved my knees, and by pure miracle-if I understand the bracebangers correctly, no femur fractures! I must be soooo lucky. I have strong knees, and want to keep it that way. Where's the scientific evidence to support the rumors that braces break legs. How can you even mention braces like the evs visions in the same sentence as the web, or the cell. Surely they react differently to forces in different circumstances. The web is also designed to break up on extreme impacts in order to absorb impact. It's utter BS to say that you have to choose between a broken femur and a busted knee. If I too might be so unscientific, I'd say generally choose between 5 knee repairs and 1 fracture? Defininately not 1 to 1.
  8. GYS CRF450 ZA

    Are KTM's easy to work on?

    The only Jap bikes easier to wrench than the KTM are those with the pedals and a bell.
  9. GYS CRF450 ZA

    KTM 300XC-W mileage??

    I get around 80/90 km's per tank (50 -60miles?). My first ride got less than 40 miles before reserve. The right jetting will sort it out.
  10. GYS CRF450 ZA

    CRF450X Coolant Tank Works Great!

    Will it fit the 2002 450R?
  11. GYS CRF450 ZA

    Anybody using Pipe Gaurds?

    I have the Hyde on my 08 300, but I'm getting the carbon fibre one. The Hyde's concept is great, but the mounting system is inferior. It came loose in a race and cost me a lot of time, The rear mounting bent open after taking a bump from below. If they would get a better way of fixing it to the bike, there would be no better guard. I still have one on my 05 450 exc, which is absolutely great and saved me a lot money, a lot of times. But as I said, the mountings on the 08 300 is no good.
  12. GYS CRF450 ZA

    08 ktm's

    I've got an 08 300 xc w. It's a beast but can be toned down. The susp and torque is amazing. I have an 05 450 exc that I loved, but this is just something else.
  13. GYS CRF450 ZA

    2008 Ktm 300exc-e

    Hmmm... both would be rotten if they turn blue
  14. GYS CRF450 ZA

    300 xc and xcw top speeds?

    Did 142km/h (88m/h) on my 08 300 on hardpack. Stock gearing, stock speedo.
  15. GYS CRF450 ZA

    08 300xcw vs 250xcw

    in getting my 300 e-start in a couple of weeks, on advice of those who are supposed to know. I 'm selling my 450 exc which I absolutely loved. They refer to the 300 as a 3stroke on account of its dual personality. It has the 2t snap and the 4t low end torque. Or so I'm told. I guess I'll know in a while.