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  1. piperpilot12w

    H.R. 1925 will CLOSE Moab, Utah!

    Sent mine. Thanks for making me aware of this.
  2. Can anyone recommend a machine shop in Southern California. I'm looking to have some bar risers made to my specs.
  3. Is it possible to get yellow plastic for a 2008 EC300 I liked the look of the EC 200 they had a couple years back.
  4. I'm greasing the bearings in the suspension linkage. Is there a way to remove the seals without damaging them. I have a seal removal tool by Snap On and no luck. Tried a screwdriver didn't work. They were in pretty good and had to tear them to get out. Any techniques to avoid damaging them.
  5. piperpilot12w

    Helmet Cams Which Is Best????

    Check these guys out. Very high quality, 520 line cam, lithium battery. It's a great setup. I'm very pleased with mine. http://www.xtremerecall.com/
  6. I have a Motion Pro cable luber tool and their aerosol cable lube. I can't get it to work properly. All it does is either run out of the end of the tool without much going into the cable, or it sprays back out of the fitting where the tube from the can attaches. I have tried it in different positions and tightened it down hard. Any ideas.
  7. I have a 2005 YZ250F and need to get a service manual. Is there any difference between an 2004 and 2005 YZ250F. I can get a factory service manual for the 2004 for less than $20. I've never had a four stroke bike and some things are new to me so I want a manual that's accurate.
  8. piperpilot12w

    Riding area east of temescal canyon and 15 fwy

    I was out there today and got a trespass ticket. Sheriff car was chasing a couple dirt bikes that got away from him. I was way off in the other direction sitting next to my truck with my bike in the truck. He came over and told me where I was parked was trespassing and gave me a ticket. Said it's private land and illegal to park or ride. On my way out I drove by the area off the main street where a lot of guys would park and gear up. It now has orange plastic fencing there and that sheriff was sitting there looking across the way to the hills.