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  1. After taking my brand new 2007 apart to do all the fun and free modification....I put the whole thing back together and now whenever I push the start button the 10amp fuse under the seat blows and it wont start. I replace the fuse....check my connections to the battery and BAM...blows again. Any ideas. My job tonight will be tot ake the wiring harness apart looking for a kinked wire, loose ground, unplugged connector.. Hmmm... I did cut the gray wire, but put it back together to troubleshoot and it still blows that fuse on start button. Any insights are appreciated. Scott in Lake Forest Race a YZ250 Ride a WR250 V21x - District 37
  2. sburnett

    2007 WR 250F - Cant find the gray wire

    Found the gray Wire on the 2007. Its under the back left number plate. Real easy to find on the 6 wire connector.
  3. sburnett

    2007 WR 250F - Cant find the gray wire

    Ok...so nobody knows where the gray wire is on the 2007. How about the 2006. Where is the gray wire on the 2006?? SB in Lake Forest
  4. I have my 250F torn apart (hope I can figure out how to get it back together) Did the carb stop mod. No problem Did the muffler / silencer insert removal mod - no problem Did the airbox baffle mod no problem. Cant find the gray wire to disconnect it. The previous post say it under the tank connected to the CDI. The only gray wire I can find is under the left side shroud behind the airbox, over the tire. Its a 6 wire connecter, with a gray wife that look as though it goes up into the engine somewhere. Any peeps confirm the location fo the gray wife on the 2007 WR? Scott in Lake Forest, CA
  5. sburnett

    07 WR250F on the way!

    Got my 07 WR 250 about 3 weeks ago. Looking for mod info now. 78 MH bare stock. No mods. 1/2 mile dry lake bed. Just took the carb stop out..WOW....it was set to stop and about 60% open.. Cant wait to get it on the lake bed now. Whats the blue wire / red wire mod thing?? Need info.