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  1. someone whould post it on myspace or something, I want to see what huckin does at 1 million, what do you all think he'll do?
  2. was Travis there for NC4? If so did he finish? is there a page with the results? I bet Ceril Depree or whatever his name is won again.
  3. Is there a way to put that on an ipod?
  4. where is a site with DIRT BIKE torrents so I can download revelation 199 and other vids?
  5. Oh okay. I learned saran wrap in my Excite bike 64 game (for n64) and it showed that trick (mcmets) but named it saran wrap.
  6. What is a McMets, I know alot of trick but never found that one out, anyone got a picture of one?
  7. any pics????
  8. any additions?
  9. That should work. Those are all the ones I have, any others?
  10. gotcha! I'll try that In the mean time post pics
  11. I have some pictures and need some more for my ipod and I'll bet some of you want some too so I'll give you the pics I found and please post cool ones that aren't already posted how do I paste a picture but not the site it was on (just post a few pics)
  12. And fat flip in the special features, I forgot that. Haha
  13. It's so awesome! Those double backflip crashes look painful, and to get up and try it again. I also liked the bike trampoline contest in the bonus features. Special Greg win's but his section isn't trick to trick to trick, he's is just clips pput together to make it look like one solid run. It's soooo cool
  14. are there any more links to vids?
  15. what's emule?