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  1. tpanfil

    What mile should i change oil at?

    I change mine every 8-10 hours and change the filter at the same time. I may be throwing money away on the filters doing it that regularly, but filters are cheaper than a re-build.
  2. tpanfil

    Clutch hand getting tired!

    This poll is kind of confusing.
  3. The JD jet kit includes 2 needles(1 cold weather, 1warm weather), several different main jets, and detailed instructions on install. Combined with the correct jet, needle, and clip position per your elevation and temperature(included with kit), it is damn near idiot proof, and well worth it.
  4. tpanfil

    The Forum is now split!

    How sweet it is.
  5. tpanfil

    $$0-30$$ mods for ttr-125

    what he said
  6. tpanfil

    Hard shifting

    Hoffy the same thing happens to mine sometimes, "for what ever reason the plates in your clutch are sticking together between rides , try this , after it has cooled down 2 or 3 hrs put it in gear and kick it through a few times with the clutch pulled in to coat the plates with cool oil __________________ Dave Harryman Works for me.
  7. tpanfil

    CRF450 handling?

    The 450r handles great you do have to dial in your suspension and set your sag.
  8. tpanfil

    Good off-road boots?

    I have the MSR MXT. They are a cheaper boot but mine are comfortable and durable.
  9. tpanfil

    Jets at the dealer

    http://www.sudco.com/ They've got what you need.
  10. tpanfil

    450R a good choice for my use??

    It will handle all you throw at it, with proper and regular maintenance.
  11. tpanfil

    Promoto Billet S/a

    Did you re-jet after you put it on?
  12. tpanfil

    Prairie City Helmet cam

    That was great.
  13. tpanfil

    Cut down stock silencer 03 ttr125

    Well it isn't as loud as my 450r. I can still ride it in the backyard without annoying my neighbors too much. It is definitely louder than stock. Stock you almost couldn't tell it was running now it sounds more like a four stroke should. It actually thumps!!
  14. tpanfil

    NEED: Plastic cage for TTR125 air filter

    I'm going to send him mine when I get a flame proof one for my wifes bike.
  15. tpanfil

    Cut down stock silencer 03 ttr125

    Here is a pic of the piece I cut out. The diet coke can is for scale. cutoff.bmp