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  1. DarTh_LuKe

    X Games 15

    I was seriously hoping that you would do this again this year, made a huge difference last year, didnt have to watch crappy youtube pixelated images, many thanks. Cant wait for the Best Trick comp.
  2. DarTh_LuKe

    Motard Tires

    I've been racing supermoto pitbikes in the uk for a couple of years now, I think you really want to make sure you have the same size wheels front and rear, either 10" or 12". A mismatch of wheel sizes make riding tarmac really hard work. Most people over here are swapping the 10" wheels for 12" sets as they handle better and allow us to hold the corners much better. As for tyres, it depends how serious you are. We all run Sava MC31 tyres on 12" wheels which are nice and soft, or MC18 soft tyres on 10" wheels. But theres plenty of tyres in either size wheels. I think the dimensions of the 12" tyres are 100/90/12, dont go too wide on the rear tho as they do a 120/90/12 that only just clears the swing arm. Luke
  3. DarTh_LuKe

    X Games 14

    have you also got the Rally Car racing and Moto X speed and style? Thanx Luke
  4. DarTh_LuKe

    X Games 14

    Thanks for all the effort. Its so annoying in the UK, they dont show any live x games or fmx, we cant watch the live feeds cos the espn sites dont let us watch it. and as soon as you come to a site like this you find out the results of who won... so I end up watching crappy youtube vids of the best trick contest that were filmed with a camcorder pointed at a TV. Anyway thanks for what your doing for us all. Will it all be available as seperate parts like last year? or will it be everything moto related in one torrent? and also will it still be here http://www.mininova.org/user/hooterhonker ???? Thanks Luke
  5. DarTh_LuKe

    Lets See Your Pitbike/Playbike Pics

    Heres my supermoto
  6. DarTh_LuKe

    X Games Best Trick Torrent

    when u gona seed the freestyle? am dying to see it? damn english tv
  7. DarTh_LuKe

    X Games 12 Supermoto --torrent--

    please please seed, us limeys got no way of watching this cool stuff until next year when it finaly airs on eurosport or somin. anyone got the FMX finals torrent yet too???? desperate to see what TP does.