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  1. Hi there, I recently purchased an old RM250 which didnt run. Only today i managed to get it going as the timing was out. (see previous thread) The bike itself had previously been made road legal and i had a log book and registration plate with it. (numbers all match) It has lights on it but no switches to make them work. Does anyone know where i might be best to get light switches, for lights, horn etc. Do i need to fit a battery to it to make the lights work or will they just work from the power of the engine? Also it has no (key) ignition. are these also easy to get hold of and fit? Should i just keep an eye out for RMX parts on ebay and will these suit or is this just a load of hassle? Thanks Richard
  2. rpladdys

    1988 RM 250 timing help please??

    Thanks for that. I left the bike at my cousins to work on as he on his hols at the mo and told him that it has something to do with when the piston is at the top of its travel the flywheel bit should be in a certain position. He messed around and has now managed to get it fired up although with no throttle it dies straight away so i think hes just going to adjust it to make it run as best as possible. I no there not suppose to tick over anyway and it is 18 years old so could probably do with a little tune up of some sort. THe power valve is also not working due to a broken top plastic clip but im going to get that ordered today and see what happens. Richard
  3. rpladdys

    power valve

    Hi there, Im no expert but i had a 95 rm 125 and u could definately feel when the power band is working. You should feel a rush of power at high revs. In first and 2nd gear on my 95 RM it used to lift the front wheel with ease so im sure your 2000 should at least do the same. Just open the throttle and see what happens.
  4. Hi all, Im pretty new to moto x stuff but i got my hands on an old 1988 RM250 non runner and im having some problems getting it going and just wondered if anyone new how to adjust the timing? This is the only other thing i can think of. Theres good compression,fresh fuel getting through, good spark, cleaned carb. If i kick it over several times i occasionaly get a little fire so think it might be the timing but am obviously open to any suggestions as im only guessing really. Thanks in advance for any advice Rich
  5. rpladdys

    1987 Rm 250

    Hi all. I'm after some help with rebuilding the top end on an old 1987 RM250 which i just purchased. (sorry a bit of a long story). I picked the bike up not running for £300 (road registered with log book so couldnt resist). Apparently it was stored for a couple of years and was running before it was stored so didnt need alot to get going. Well this now seems rubbish as after fresh, fuel,new plug & filter, carb clean, (sparks ok) it still doesnt want to know. I also replace the water pump o ring's and head gasket as the engine oil was mixed with water. I have replaced this with the head gasket but when i fit the head back on and tried kicking it over it felt funny when kicking it and it used to get stuck at a certain parts. i also tried to bump it but there was knocking from the top of the engine when it was turning over. I losened the head bolts and kept my hand on it. I turned it over slowly and felt the piston tapping the head when it rises to the top. I thought that it must be bearings so have now removed the barrel to find no base gasket but a lot of instant gasket. Could the fact that there is no base gasket make the gap between the piston and head so small that the piston hits the head? I now have a top end gasket set so am hoping to rebuild tonight but wanted any advice with anything else that could be causing it? The conrod seems firm but does move side to side slightly. Is this normal? I did a little bit of research on the web and found something called a squish clearance? If its not the lack of base gasket could it be this and can it be adjusted easily? Im not a mechanic and have just done the above as it all seems faily simple (so far) Anyway sorry for boring you with all the above but any advice is appreciated. Rich
  6. rpladdys

    new DRZ400 owner needs advice

    I have just checked my tyres and i have a Michelin Enduro Competition 3 on the rear and a matching one on the front with plenty of tread so they should be ok. Ill just do the rejet and air filter first and save some penny's for different sprockets and better exhaust after xmas!!!
  7. rpladdys

    new DRZ400 owner needs advice

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all the help so quickly. Ill probably do the air box and rejet first(could i do the rejet myself you think?). As for the tyres im not to sure what these Death wings look like... these ones just look like regular nobolies. Because this is the first bike ive riden on the track im no expert but they do seem to grip ok, well better than my road bike would :-) Im probably just going faster than i think as i am used to road bikes, my last one being a GSXR 750 SRAD (scary) which i quickly sold as a bit to much for me... ill stick with my fzr 600 for a while longer. I also remember having a go on a friends KX125 a few months ago and the powerbands being very distinctive and higher up and this four stoke just seems to have more bottom end power. Anyway so far im very happy with the bike but just want a bit more of a wheelie machine....
  8. rpladdys

    new DRZ400 owner needs advice

    Hi all, Im new to this and am after a little help if poss. Ive had road bikes for ages and decided to get a off roader and have just bought a DRZ-400 which i am told is an 04 (any way of telling what year?). Anyways, ive been out on this a few times up and down local mud tracks and am not very happy with it's performance. It handles fine and suspension seems good but the acceloration seems slow. It does pick up from low revs pretty well but for some reason i was expecting a lot more power. Im pretty sure its all standard (air box & main jet) and was wondering if i was to open the airbox up and fit a larger jet as to whether it would make a noticable difference? Im also not sure as to whether its an "s", "e" or what? As ive read that there are differnent sprockets? I do no it has a metal tank?? I have also noticed that when its warm and you let off the throttle to slow down it misfires... Any idvice is appreciated... Thanks Rich