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  1. you know what I mean.
  2. I see a lot of ATV and motorcycles in the USA riding with a JESUS A V E S sticker. Anybody knows where to get this white cross?
  3. ya, all parts are fine. Nothing bend. Now I adjusted toe in because the manual says it, but I'm not satisfied on the road. The question is, why choose toe in? Why toe out? Whats better for drift? Whats better for riding straight ahead? etc... What does the pros ride?
  4. I use a LTZ 400 for MX racing and most for Road use. Now I had some problems with my front wheels after a crash. The left went Toe out, the right went straight ahead. I know that the manual says Toe in is the best for this ATV. But what's the difference between in and out? What's the result in toe in and out? Some times this quad steers left or right itself on the road at higher speed without steering with the handle bar. I want to fix it, but don't know whats better, in or out. Thanxs sry for my english...
  5. This cobras seem to be very good racer, but hard to get in europe. I will try to get one. He likes the handling and cornering of an ATV. Sometimes he rides my Suzuki ATV. Thanks, Dan
  6. My son Erik. My older son Luca
  7. I know that there's a GNCC mini class. What models / manufacturers does this kids ride? I only know some mini chinese atvs wich look really bad and are not good quality. My son (11) wants to change from a KX65 to ATV racing. Thanks, Dan
  8. Suzuki

    There was a promotion z400 video at some years ago. It was filmed at doug gust's home track. here's another version, in bad quality: I search for the original from Can anybody help please?!?
  9. No one can up some atv race torrents?
  10. No torrent this year? Please make one!
  11. Found this at youtube, pretty sound.
  12. Suzuki

    I use: Yoshi TRC Complete steering stabilizer Power Now insert. K&N Powerlid
  13. I want to make a ATV magazine subscription, but I don't know wich one. What are the differences between "ATV Action" and "Dirt Wheels"? What do you preffer? Thanks, sorry for my english. Dan
  14. It's not funny when someone gets hurt!
  15. chrissa!!!