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  1. NYKTM

    10 Absolute MX Practice Tips by Gary Semics

    a 450f can steer with the throttle, use the technique into the corner allows you to actually make the berm apexed instead of squaring it off. Get on the gas sooner and the rear will come out just like you were brake sliding. A heavier flywheel weight will allow less wheelspin in slippery conditions and starts and stop that stalling.
  2. NYKTM

    Dual Sport riding Orange county Ny.

    A DRZ can jump 20' ? my DR could not do that, the've come a long way. My 450 would not jump 20', if tha'ts height your'e talking about.... I tried at claverack, bottomed out pretty good.
  3. ride that bike don't fall in love with it.... I have to drop my bike maybe once or twice an enduro so I don't get to attached. I find that if you drop the bike early you can land on your feet pretty easily. but if you insist. The bearing races do not usually come out without distortion, I use a seal / bearing puller. I would go to a bearing supplier and get the torrington bearing 1412 or something like that. The seal puller is tricky, those things are tight. Maybe freeze the replacement bearings a little so they go in easier. Distance and planning which one to install first are important.... might be some instructions, do a search and maybe look at www.ktmtalk.com
  4. NYKTM

    08 450 EXCR suspension problems

    it is possible that coming from a cr you will not be happy with any setting unitl you get the forks done by factory conecction or someone close to you. for the northeast they are the best or so they say. I did try my friends 300 xc that ws modded to be more xcw but without the trans. The suspension was so good I did not want to give it back, brake sliding, power sliding wheelie out of the turns... I absolutely loved it. but..... for my exc I have the softer fork springs, removed some preload spacers(white plastic) from under the cap. I also made some brembo reserve tanks with angle restrictor valves. I drilled the forkcap and tapped for a tubing adapter 1/8 pipe, lots of airflow to the subtank and I mostly leave the valve open 1/2 but that is mostly open for a needle valve. I just went over 53 miles of rocks and won the enduro I entered overall for C so I know just a wee bit about a 450 in rocks..... suggest, load the susension, when braking in studder use the front and rear, the front will guide the tire and the back will steer it. Remember to ride a gear higher and snap out of 1st gear survival mode. It's not fair to judge a suspension in such harsh environment at a slower pace. 2nd gear with stock 14/50 should get the supension to behave. Slippery rock can benefit from dragging the rear brake during climbs and or slipping the clutch. Soon though I can't pull the clutch anymore from cramping so I drag the rear. Once you loose speed in big rocks it's hard to get it back, grit your teeth and gas it, absorb as much deflection as you can spare and build speed, 2nd gear humming is nice because of the flywheel weight keeping you upright. That is a good speed for the suspension, my 04' valves are not as good as yours so it may vary a bit. You might be set for a slightly higher speed still if you can lug third gear but you are now going pretty fast for trails. I do that with the clutch aspecially when approaching huge pile or stepup I will really bring up the rpms and let the object soak up all that inertia, then slip out. If you had an XC bike you might have to hit them in third gear, that suspension is designed for higher speed hits. So the valving in the fork leg is different and has valving for more of a gncc rider. also suggest steering stabilizer from /scotts/ underbar mount . I have factory connection handlebar vibration isolator mounts so I can put a scotts in an underbar setup. I rode some railroad tracks the day after I got one and it saved me.... Lucky
  5. NYKTM

    Planned Rides CT

    Quote "If it rains I'm in.".... now that's dedication
  6. NYKTM

    Any MX club/track in NE run a 'D' class?

    The C class is beginner right, should not be intimidated by that. If your heart is not racing at the start you are not alive, a friend used to say. I myself tell jokes and such to take the edge off, I also wait to start the bike and don't rev it up. Let the accelerator pump have at it. anyone can do it, I've raced 5 times and each time it's like brand new to me. I still don't bring a broom or anything like that.
  7. NYKTM

    Winding them out

    you'll want to lug that bike, as the trails get tough and the speeds drop... so does the cooling. Keeping the bike a gear higher and lugging it is faster unless by "dirt" you mean a motocross track. wheelspin is a problem in a turkey run, harescramble, or enduro, keep it smooth and you will be fast all day.
  8. NYKTM

    how to go over big rocks.

    high rpm approach, the bike collapses into the object to avoid bouncing off like this.
  9. NYKTM

    aircells worth the money

    I made my own out of copper pipe, then got the air resivour from a BIMBA distributor, the needle angle valve as well, the quick hose (poly tube) connectors and the 1/4" poly tubing. Tapped the top of the fork cap 1/8" pipe thread for the 1/8" x 1/4" poly tube adapter. They work really well but I have a heavier bike. Try loosening the compression all the way then a few clicks in, rebound about halfway.
  10. NYKTM

    Cost of a first hare scramble.

    yep that how it works here too...
  11. I think most of us just forget to breath period, stop breathing enough or stop drinking water and your done..... what type of racing? top 10 means, your class or overall? I raced motocross 4 times, harescramble 1, enduro 6 last time I raced motocross was September, I took the holeshot and started screaming like I won the event, sure enough I stalled the bike.... lol
  12. NYKTM

    Have You Ever had to Walk Back?

    I finished half of an enduro with no clutch, 1/2 mile of water hiding rocks, steep hills, stuck in mud. What an experience for sure. 30 enduro miles about. So the answer to the post question is no not yet, never had to walk back.
  13. NYKTM

    Cost of a first hare scramble.

    my first harescramble and I had to do 5 laps, I was lapped by the juniors I think. Lap times fell off by at least a minute, I was in survival mode. Back at the truck, I could NOT cool off, eventually dropped to my knee's with heat exhaustion or stroke whatever you call it, very sick feeling for sure. My lack of ability to reel myself in is a problem for harescrambles, I get too excited with all the people passing me and I'm passing. Very exciting. The enduro's are way better, more bang for the buck average 60-75 miles of riding with resets(breaks) in between.
  14. I have a video from the start of Saturdays Boneyard Poker Run in CT, crazy slippery frozen mud, huge rocks, I lost the camera at the 4 minute mark from a branch knocking the batteries out of place... will upload later so you can see me launch over the handlebars with the helmetcam. my hollering sends a guy flying off the course, not intedended, but funny cause' that happens to me alot.... You'll see me fly over the handlebars in true C rider style. I think he came back to take out my front wheel later, lol... http://www.archive.org/download/JimBoneyar...ard07_start.wmv You can right click and Save_as to get the copy to your pc, then it will run faster and load without interuption. Ourmedia is slow but your files stay intact.
  15. NYKTM

    Ready for a 2008 EXC 530?

    to those replacing the exhaust, sell me your silencer please PM me I want the lower power quiet exhaust.... thanks.. Jim