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  1. ok im sold, here we go. Thanks alot.
  2. If i do the basic rejet and snorkel removal on my 02 drz e, is the difference just huge or just a little bit more power. Not sure if it is worth it or not? thanks for your input.
  3. Cool, thanks a lot for all your help.
  4. Crap, am soo new at this, and did not think about the front. They feel fine, the back is the on i noticed. What does doing the fron entail?
  5. Thanks, is that the actual size i need for my weight? Thanks again.
  6. My drz rear spring aint big enough for my fat ass. I need a new one and was wondering if there is any way to avoid paying top dollar. Thanks p.s. Need one for 250-275 pound rider.
  7. How do i get a new rear spring for my drz 400e with out spending 100 bucks. Thanks, Grant
  8. my bike is an 02 model, and is identical to the first pic. was just wondering if that pic was an 03 or later?
  9. is that later than an 02 model?
  10. nope , no exposed threads. It also has three yellow dots on it from a paint pen, like you would see from a used parts house with a part number. Could you tell me how to find out what year the bike is, i bought it used, and it was a consignment, with no paperwork yet. thanks
  11. does an acct have no adjustment hex head, cuz mine has a hex head, but is not exactly like the one in the picture.
  12. I think mine is a mcct, it looks like the one in the pic. Does the automatic have any discernable feature that you know of. Thanks
  13. New guy was wondering if his new to him drz 400 e 02 model has had the acct changed to an mcct. Is their a way to tell the diff, with out taking it apart? thanks
  14. cool that must be what it is, thank you for your help. i wasnt sure if it had anything like that or not. thanks again, grant
  15. Cuz it ssems like im doing something like that. im just not sure what