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  1. cacimx622

    Well This Just Sucks, bad back

    Im looking into getting the http://www.spinalkinetics.com/ M6l This is the closest to natural as it gets, funny there made in California but not FDA approved in the states but used in Europe for the last 20 &%$#@!? The thing with artificial disc's is your z zoints ala facet joints have to be perfect good luck with that! and in the USA there only doing 1 level where in Germany there doing multi levels and hybrids fusion /artificial disc surgery combined awesome stuff we are so behind here, Check Stenum hospital in Germany if I had the insurance or cash Id be there!!! Christian Craig,Trey Canard,Doug Henery and a few more ride/race after spine fusion including a buddy of mine still race's moto it can be done where there is a will there is a way!
  2. cacimx622

    Well This Just Sucks, bad back

    My Tips Try X Ray guided injections, RFA or Radio frequency abalation might buy you some time while you build up your core /trunk. Sleep with a pillow between your legs or under your knees while on your back. And Dr. Marks favorite and should be all of are's weigh the same when you got out of the service or when you married your first wife and 1 hr of cardio a day!! Gonna ride in Oct or 2 more weeks Yea dumb and even dumber after 2 months off from a single level posterior cervical c/7 bored out my nerve hole ha ha foraminotomy wish me luck!!!
  3. cacimx622

    Well This Just Sucks, bad back

    Hi I still ride Moto Im 47 with 8 herniated discs 3 in the cervical 2 in the thoracic and 3 in the lumber spine. I stretch about 20 times a day mostly the hamstrings. The stretching has kept me from getting back surgery but have had neck surgery that was an emergency surgery. Once a disc is torn its the end and if its bone on bone its time for fusion or the new M6 not a BMW lol mock disc. The riding feels great its the ride to the tracks that kills me The key is to get out every 30 min-1hr and stretch. Ice,heat and tons of hot showers helps me!
  4. Thank you Dr Mark !!!That's good news do you do this procedure? Im on my way or do you haves someone in mind.
  5. Hi Dr Mark, I have had this pain for 2 years I get injections there that last for 3 months so 4 a year that knock the pain down to about a mild 3 all day from a 8 with out them. Thinking about getting it yanked or a coccygectomy correct term for the operation. The surgery says it is about 80 to 90% effective hemm sounds temping. What is your take on having this done it really effects my quality of life urgggg and the ride to the track and back pure hell ha ha Riden does'nt hurt ha ha standing mostly ha ha Thank you for your help as always.
  6. HI folks just wondering if anyone is riding,racing motocross after neck surgery? Just had a C7 Posterior Foraminotomy but the levels above are on there way. Thanx for any input!!!
  7. HI folks DR. Mark I just had one of these on my c7 It is were they go in from the back of the neck make a 1 inch cut and then drill out bore out the hole so the nerve has more room from being compressed from the disc and bone spur. The arm pain brought me to tears before I had the surgery 12 days ago now I have lots of numbness in my right hand tingling that comes and goes I was told that will go away. But overall the spasm are gone and I feel 60% better 12 days out. I was told I can do everything I did before in 2 to 3 months. No fusion was involved My question is did any of you folks or Dr Mark do think it will be safe to resume MOTO Im a solid B rider vet 47 year old that jumps everything. My surgeon doesn't know about clearing triples and tables!!! Thank you for any imput
  8. cacimx622

    Pericardial Cyst anyone?

    HI I have had this for 4 years that I know of maybe longer it is 10 x 2x 3.4 cm . I get winded to early and am sure this is why! Has anyone had theres drained or removed by VATS. Thank you for any info!!!!!!
  9. cacimx622

    Hip Resurfacing /Hip replacement

    He he Ill take the Town Car thank you for your reply its great to have you here!!!!
  10. cacimx622

    Hip Resurfacing /Hip replacement

    Hi Dr Mark, hope all is well with you. Quick question is there a THR brand that is not getting recalled? Seems to me like every brand on the market is! Mitch and the boys over at Pro circuit need to come up with something. I have been told I have FAI thats whats causing my pinch in my hip/groin low back had all the fancy 3D Catscans done just saving my cash for the 3 month recovery I will b out of work.K be good Thanx Dr.
  11. cacimx622

    Fractured Coccyx, Help..

    I get tail bone injections every few months or when needed awesome relief before that I was gonna it yanked lol
  12. cacimx622

    Dr. Mark - Labral tear in the hip

    I herd of a lot of sports guys doing great after this A rod NY yankees,Hewit pro tennis player and a bunch more.Who is your surgeon and where do you live? Brian Kelly at HSS IN NYC is one of the best and DR Collman at HSS and phlippian in Denver or Val not sure.
  13. Hi folks after suffering a lower back injury tore up l3,4,5 pretty good coming up short at Paris 2.5 yrs ago I could'nt walk for a year let alone ride.I seen a few surgeons some said fuse it some said wait it out and rehab it and that's what I did Im about 80% and that's as good as it will get. I guess I manage the pain with stretches the best. I will always have a numb thigh nerve damage but when i rode for the first time last week I forgot about that till I got home. Man what I great time I had and I will never take for granted my health I know I will never be as fast or as competitive as I was but just to go around the track after what I have been threw is better the hitting the lotery. You can ride again after a back injury may take a long time but when you do its like its worth the wait weird. Happy Holidays everyone:banana: gonna get a new ride in the spring ye ha:ride:
  14. Hi I was just told I most likely need my hip resurface or replaced because of FAI and to much wear in the cartridge Im 45. My question if I have a resurface or a hip replacement can I still race mx? Or is this the end for me? Thank you for your any advice!
  15. cacimx622

    Back Pains After Casing a Triple

    Hi that was a hard hit and take it from one who knows. You need to get a X ray standing up while bending forward and backwards. They need to look and see if you have a pars fracture or spondylolysis If so you need to be in a cast for 3 months or so till it heals. look it up online or e orthopod . Be smart now so you can ride another 30 yrs