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  1. Do a search "water in motor".
  2. k-80

    Converting a WR into a "WZ"

    Your boy Is got a very cool dad.
  3. Reed Essentially Confirms Supercross-Only Deal for 2007 By Dirck J. Edge As we reported earlier, it is rumored that Chad Reed is working on a private team effort for 2007, including two riders (one of which will be Reed), and a supercross-only schedule. Following the Hangtown National motocross race last weekend, Reed stated that this might be his final year racing outdoors -- indicating that he was working on a supercross-only deal for 2007, as rumored. This certainly makes one wonder whether other top riders (such as James Stewart) will eventually race only supercross events, and leave the traditional, outdoor motocross race scene behind. If this is a trend, it was started by Jeremy McGrath several years ago when he formed his own team and raced only supercross events.
  4. How do you guys copy & paste a web site? Thanks
  5. k-80

    places to ride in Texas

    I live in Talty just south of you, have you been to Motox-pit? About 20 miles from Forney. Moto-X-Pit.Com
  6. k-80

    Whats a good Bike?

    A 1972 Suzuki TM 400 Cyclone Great power band, comes on faster than a light switch.
  7. k-80

    Bent header?? Aluminum pro 2

    On mine, It's real close, I can only get a sheet of notebook paper between It.
  8. k-80

    Damn Exhaust Dent, Anyone Know How To Fix?

    Its a dirt bike, get over It.
  9. That boat was in a bad place, some body could have been hurt bad or worst.
  10. k-80

    How to improve the 2006 Honda CRF250R

    theraptured you are one dumb ass, know nothing about high performance motors. Do you even ride a bike or do have handlebars on your computer
  11. k-80

    Just got a new 250F Need help!

    Just get on it and ride the dog out of it!!!!!
  12. k-80

    How to improve the 2006 Honda CRF250R

    When you got a sticky thread on valves, that should tell you guys something. All the honda crf 250 is a money pit. What a shame.
  13. k-80

    post pics of your 2006 YZ250F

    Blasted, great looking bike. Where did you get those Graphics?